Conrad Martin was an unwilling resident in Charming Acres, Arkansas after the town fell into Chip Harrington's mind control. He was the lover of Sunny Harrington.



He hailed from an unknown town somewhere in America. At some point, he passed into Charming Acres, Arkansas. According to Mrs. Dowling, Conrad came into the town several weeks ago and rent a room in her boarding house. During his stay, he became one of Chip's victims.

During the time as the resident of Charming Acres, Conrad meet Chip's daughter Sunny. She become infatuated with Conrad Martin. Eventually, Sunny couldn't bear the abuse of Chip's powers, Sunny soon revealed her father's powers to him and awoke him from the illusion. When he awoke from the illusion, he decided to flee but decided to take Sunny with him far from the town. He ran to the shop and offered Sunny the chance to flee with him. Fearful of her father's future actions, she rejected Conrad's offer. After sharing one last kiss, Conrad fled from the town. Unknown to him, Sunny's father already planted some predetermination means inside Conrad's mind to explode his head if he attempted to escape.

After running around over 5 miles, he eventually escaped from Charming Acres and arrived to an unnamed town, where Griffin Tate was living and working in his shop. In his shop, he asked him for his phone and tried to contact someone. However, it was too late, his head exploded.

Sunny avenged Conrad's fate by trapping her father inside his own mind, effectively ending his threat.


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