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Conrad is an angel that sought to use the power of Jack, the Nephilim, for himself.


In Lost & Found, Conrad visits Kelly's cabin along with Lily in search of Jack, the Nephilim. When the two angels discover the body of Castiel, Lily expresses the belief that Castiel didn't deserve what happened to him while Conrad believes the opposite. Conrad shows more interest in locating Jack than worrying about Castiel.

Along with Lily and Miriam, Conrad visits the local sheriff's station in search of Jack. While Miriam confronts Dean Winchester with Clark Barker as a hostage, Conrad and Lily break into the cell area where they find Jack locked in a cell with Sam Winchester. Conrad contacts Miriam over "angel radio", telling her that they have found Jack.

After Lily throws around Sam, Conrad takes over and beats Sam up. Drawing his angel blade, Conrad moves to leave with Jack and Lily when Sam calls out to the two angels. As the angels turn to face him, Sam activates an angel banishing sigil made out of his blood from the injuries that Conrad inflicted upon him. Conrad and Lily are banished from the sheriff's station, leaving behind Jack. When Conrad is banished, he leaves his angel blade behind and it drops to the ground inside the cell.

After revealing that the three angels are after Jack for his power, Miriam enters the cell where Sam retrieves Conrad's dropped angel blade to face Miriam. After Miriam tries to kill Jack, Sam uses Conrad's angel blade to kill Miriam.

Powers and Abilities[]

Conrad appeared to be a regular angel with the abilities of one.


As a regular angel, Conrad possessed all the weaknesses of one.



  • When Conrad was banished, he left his angel blade behind which dropped to the ground once he had disappeared. This is an effect of the banishing sigil that was never before witnessed.
  • The name Conrad is derived from the Proto-Germanic name Konrad, from conja meaning "bold" and rad meaning "counsel".