Connor Beverly Behavioral Medicine Center 1

Connor Beverly Behavioral Medicine Center is a place located in Ohio.


This hospital is notable for being the place Anna Milton was committed to in 2008. Anna began acting hysterically, trying to warn people about the incoming Apocalypse. Marked as insane, Anna was taken in to the locked ward and placed in room 42 after it took four people to restrain her.

Anna did not think herself insane and truly believed that, due to the actions of a demon named Lilith, the Apocalypse was coming and the angels were failing to prevent it, which meant everyone was going to die. Anna tried explaining her story to a psychologist, who promised to hear her out but did not seem convinced.

Later on, Anna was approached by a hospital attendant. Anna realized he was a demon and promptly defended herself against him before fleeing the hospital.

After a three-days drive, Sam and Dean Winchester arrived at the hospital and spoke to the psychologist, hoping to find out more about Anna, who has become an important target to all demons. They received her sketchbook and presumably the address of Richard and Amy Milton.


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