Connie was a young woman who was kidnapped and tied to a bed in a hotel by the newly turned vampire Jimmy Day, in Conway Springs, Kansas. She was saved by Josephine Barnes and Aidan, with the help of Krissy Chambers. The three, along with the more experienced hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, chased after Jimmy, and Krissy brought him to a halt using dead man's blood. Josephine then killed Jimmy to satiate the revenge she felt for her family's murder at the vampire's hands.

Dean later went to the hospital to get more information about what had happened to Connie. She told him that Jimmy was a hero, and that the town had recently had a parade for him after his return from Afghanistan a few weeks before. When Dean asked about Jimmy kidnapping her, she told him that after work a blue van had pulled up, and a guy in a hoodie asked for directions, and all she remembers after that is waking up tied to the bed in the hotel. Upon coming to, she said only Jimmy was there, and he was crying, kept saying he was sorry, and seemed scared.


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