The Trickster/Gabriel can create his own world.

Creating is the ability to create matter out of nothing, only God or beings with equivalent power can achieve this whereas conjuration is the ability to reshape the properties of present matter.


The following are a select few who could create solid matter out of nothing:

  • God - God can create matter out of nothing.
  • Metatron (with the angel tablet) - Metatron, while powered by the angel tablet, could create grace and a bowling alley out of nothing.
  • Lucifer (powered by Jack's grace) - Lucifer, juiced and supercharged by Jack's grace, could create a universe out of nothing.


The following beings can reshape the properties of matter:

  • Jack Kline - In Jack in the Box, Jack was able to make worms appear inside a priest's body.
  • Archangels - They are even way more skilled with this power than Tricksters. Gabriel was able to play with reality and bend it to his will.
  • Jesse Turner - Extremely adept at this ability. Can will something into existence just by believing it exists.[1]
  • Deities - Calliope was capable of creating creatures based on characters and props from plays and urban legends to do her bidding, specifically to stop others from preventing plays from going on stage. She created a the scarecrow to kidnap the drama teacher and a student named Maggie wanted to stop the Supernatural Musical.[2]
    • Tricksters - Can literally create anything out of thin air, and uncreate it just as fast. Gabriel, while masquerading as Loki, was responsible for several constructs. Loki was able to conjure a realistic projection of himself to interact with Dean Winchester. Though Dean could not harm it, the projection could harm Dean.
  • Eve - She was the progenitor of all monsters linked to Purgatory, even after her death, her vessel continued to produce monster eggs.
  • Callie Garrison - She could conjure objects and characteristics of humans to fit certain stories.[3]
  • Howard - Can create creatures with fear-based magic.[4]
  • Witches - Witches can conjure maggots, blood or organs to appear on places or objects like food.[5][6]


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