So, where is this Commodore 64 of yours?

Sam, Dean and Charlie inspecting the system.

"Commodore 64" was the nickname given by Charlie Bradbury to the computer warning system the Men of Letters have in their bunker.

Description[edit | edit source]

All right. It took some doing, but now we can download. This beast has all the Men of Letters files.
in Slumber Party

This old and massive computer unit was located inside the Men of Letters bunker. According to Charlie, it has encryption software and appeared to be powered by something magical. Charlie said that the whole system acts like an alarm in cases of global catastrophe, such as angels being cast out of Heaven, as Kevin Tran has witnessed. Charlie added that during circumstances like those, the system shuts down the bunker.

The system indicating locations of angels as they fell.

Sam asked Charlie if they could use the system to track angels, to which Charlie replied she would see what she could do. After some tinkering, Charlie claimed that they could now download files into the system, and then proceeded to import all the files of the Men of Letters. However, the hacker gave no mention of Commodore 64's ability to track angels.

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