This unnamed young woman worked at Astro Comics.


While standing by the counter of the comic book store, the young woman is approached by three men: Sam, Dean and Henry Winchester. Since her store was once used as a secret location for the Men of Letters, Henry came here in search of answers and any traces of his former elders.

Sam borrowed the young woman's laptop to look up the names of Men of Letters operatives. As Sam searched, the young woman flirted with Dean. When Sam found the name "Albert Magnus", Henry finally got a lead and the three men promptly left the store.

Unbeknownst to them, Knight of Hell Abaddon managed to arrive at this store in search of the three men. Abaddon complimented the design of the place. When the young store clerk saw her, she assumed Abaddon was a cosplayer come to attend a special event, and told Abaddon to come later.

Abaddon ignored her words and instead, partially smoked into the young woman to read her memories. Through the store clerk, Abaddon learned what Sam, Dean and Henry were doing earlier and even learned of the identity of the man they were going to meet, Larry Ganem. After having her memories looked through, the store clerk begged not to be killed, but Abaddon killed her anyway so she could take the store clerk's outfit.


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