Colt bullets are the specially made bullets used in the legendary gun known as the Colt.


Original Thirteen Bullets

In 1835, the Colt, a gun that could kill all but five beings in existence was created by legendary gun maker Samuel Colt. When Samuel created the gun, he made thirteen special bullets for it, bullets he carved with a number from 1 to 13. The Colt's legend states that the gun and its bullets were used a half dozen times before it and the hunter it was made for disappeared. Three of these uses were to kill the Cowboy Demons by Samuel himself and the Phoenix Elias Finch by a time traveling Dean Winchester.

By the time Daniel Elkins was killed by Luther's nest in 2006, only five of the Colt bullets were left. Elkins loaded the Colt with the remaining bullets, but was unable to use them to defend himself before being killed. John Winchester later used one of the bullets to kill Luther. After learning that the Prince of Hell Azazel would be in Salvation, Iowa, John warned his sons that they only had four bullets with the Colt and that was it.

Following the Wrecking of the Impala the Trucker demon was amused by Sam threatening him with the Colt as he was aware the gun only had one bullet left and Sam wished to save it for Azazel. However, he fled his vessel before Sam could be forced to make a choice. As part of his deal with Azazel to save Dean's life, John traded the Colt and the last bullet to Azazel alongside his soul.

In order to open the Devil's Gate in Wyoming, Azazel provided Jake Talley with the Colt, still loaded with the last bullet. After the opening of the Devil's Gate, Dean checks to find that the Colt is still loaded with the last bullet. During the battle that follows, Dean is able to use the final Colt bullet to kill Azazel.

When stealing the Colt from Elkins in 1973, Dean checks the Colt to find it already loaded instead of the bullets being kept in a case as they would be in 2006.

New Bullets

In 2007, hunter Bobby Singer worked on replicating the Colt bullets to render the gun useful again. Though Bobby apparently succeeded, when the demon Ruby appeared, she was unaffected when Bobby shot her with the Colt. Ruby then helped Bobby come up with a way to successfully create new bullets for the Colt. The success of their efforts was proven when shortly thereafter, hunter Sam Winchester used the Colt to kill the demons Casey and Father Gil.

After Sam used the Colt to threaten and eventually kill Dean's Crossroad Demon, Dean discovered that a Colt bullet was missing from the gun and deduced what had happened. He then used this information to confront Sam over his actions which Sam had lied about.

Due to the threat posed by a now-vampire Gordon Walker, Dean chose to utilize the Colt as a weapon against Gordon. When Dean loads the Colt, the Winchesters are shown to keep a case full of Colt bullets with them amongst their things.

In a desperate attempt to save Dean's life, Sam tried to kill the demon Astaroth with the Colt. However, Astatroth was able to telekinetically stop the Colt bullet and make it fall to the ground.

After returning the Colt to the Winchesters, the demon Crowley provides them with a pack of Colt bullets to use in an effort to kill Lucifer with the legendary gun. During this attempt, Dean is able to shoot Lucifer through the head at point-blank range, but Lucifer reveals that he is one of five beings immune to the Colt's deadly powers.

When the Alpha Vampire leads a raid on the British Men of Letters compound, Mick Davies produces the Colt as a potential weapon against the Alpha Vampire. However, the British Men of Letters can't use the gun as it has no bullets and they lack the knowledge of how to make any. Sam provides Mick with the ritual Bobby came up with and Mick is able to create six new Colt bullets. However, before Mick can load the gun, hunter Pierce Moncrieff betrays the group and lets the Alpha Vampire in.

As the Alpha Vampire kills Serena Colman, Mick uses the distraction to hide the legendary gun and palm the new Colt bullets. As Sam faces off with the Alpha Vampire, armed with the empty Colt, Mick demonstrates to Mary Winchester and later Sam that he's holding one of the bullets. Under the disguise of an attack on Sam, Mick manages to slip Sam a Colt bullet while Mary attacks the Alpha Vampire so that Sam can load the gun. The Alpha Vampire calls Sam's bluff with the empty gun, but quickly realizes the sequence of events that allowed Sam to load the gun. Sam then uses the Colt to kill the Alpha Vampire.

While trying to kill the Prince of Hell Dagon, Eileen Leahy accidentally shoots and kills Renny Rawlings. As Renny is human, the bullet lacks the effect it has on supernatural beings and works like a normal bullet on him.

After stealing the Colt, Castiel tells Kelvin that the gun has two bullets in the chamber, but he doesn't have anymore as he couldn't exactly ask the Winchesters to supply him with some when he stole the gun.



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