The stainless steel Colt M1911A1 acts as the primary handgun of Dean Winchester.


The Colt Model 1911A1 was the winner of a series of handgun trials for the US Military between 1907-1911, being officially adopted, given the designation of M1911A1 and put into service. The M1911 has gone through many evolutions since the original, but it has never been out of military service since 1911. It is a .45 caliber hand gun, featuring a seven-round, single stacked, magazine and can hold an extra round in the chamber. It is Dean's firearm of choice and he is rarely without it. During The Prisoner, Dean equips his Colt with a silencer while infiltrating the home of the Styne Family.

Dean is known to load it with silver rounds as well as devil's trap bullets when fighting monsters and demons.

Along with killing monsters, Dean has used the gun to kill several humans. These include the Girl in the walls' Brother, Eckhart, Don Harding, Gwen Campbell, Jeffrey, the Loughlin Family, the Styne Family, Terrance Clegg, two members of Ketch's Assault Team and Terry.

In Heart, after Dean killing Glen with the Colt M1911A1 failed to cure Madison of being a werewolf, she picked Dean's Colt up off of the table and asked Sam to kill her with it to keep her from harming anyone else. Though Dean offered to do it, Sam choose to honor Madison's request and used the gun to kill her.

In Family Remains, the gun is stolen from the trunk of the Impala by the Girl in the walls along with the rest of the Winchesters' weapons. While searching the basement for Danny Carter, Dean retrieves the gun and a sawed-off shotgun. During the fight with the Girl in the walls' Brother, Dean loses both guns but retrieves the pistol after blinding the boy with his flashlight. Unable to otherwise subdue the boy, Dean shoots him three times in the chest with the gun at close-range, killing him.

In Pac-Man Fever, after Charlie Bradbury insists on joining Dean on a hunt, Dean gives her his gun and orders her to shoot a target as a test. After Charlie hits the target perfectly, Dean agrees to let her come along.

In Keep Calm and Carry On, Ms. Watt tracks Dean's cellphone and rams the Impala with her car, spinning the car out and knocking out the resurrected Mary Winchester. She fights both Castiel and Dean and wins due to her superior fighting skills and being equipped with Enochian Brass Knuckles. After she defeated them both she grabbed Dean's gun and intended to kill him with it. Before she can do so she's stabbed through the back by Mary with Castiel's dropped angel blade after she wakes up. As she's stabbed, Ms. Watt reflexively fires the gun twice into the ground, narrowly missing Dean. As she falls, she fires a third shot into the air.

In Regarding Dean, Dean uses the gun to mortally wound Gideon Loughlin with a witch-killing bullet before Gideon hits him with the Memory Curse. While investigating Dean's lost time, the Winchesters find security video of Dean shooting Gideon and the shell casing from the fired bullet. Later, when the memory-less Dean searches the Impala's trunk, he finds the gun and the witch-killing bullets clearly labeled by Rowena for him. Despite his lack of memory, Dean is able to use the gun to kill Catriona and Boyd Loughlin, saving Rowena and Sam's lives and allowing Rowena the chance to break the curse.

In There's Something About Mary, the gun is stolen by Arthur Ketch along with Sam's gun. Arthur uses the gun to threaten Lady Toni Bevell when she tries to follow him out. In All Along the Watchtower, Dean is wielding the gun again, Sam having presumably recovered it from the British Men of Letters compound during Who We Are.

In The Big Empty, after knocking Dean out, the shapeshifter Buddy stole the gun from him and threatened to use the silver bullets Dean had it loaded with to kill Mia Vallens if she won't kill Dean and Jack. However, Mia refuses and tells Buddy to kill her. Buddy later tried to kill Sam with the gun, but Jack telekinetically deflected the bullet, allowing Sam to kill Buddy.

In Various & Sundry Villains, Dean loses the gun, again loaded with witch-killing bullets, in a fight with the Plum sisters. After Rowena can't beat the zombified Mrs. Plum with magic, Dean orders Rowena to shoot Mrs. Plum in the head. Rowena manages to grab Dean's gun and kill Mrs. Plum with it. Though Rowena has a chance to use the gun to kill the Plum sisters, she instead uses the Attack Dog Spell to force them to kill each other.

In A Most Holy Man, Dean dual-wields his gun alongside a gun he steals from a man he chokes unconscious. In the firefight that follows, Dean uses his Colt to kill Richard Greenstreet's Bodyguard after running out of ammunition for the other gun.

In Bring 'em Back Alive, Dean fires the gun in the air to break up a fight between Arthur Ketch and a bounty hunter. Dean shoots the man in the leg to get him to talk and then pistol-whips him unconscious after Dean gets what he wants from the man. After the encounter, Dean switches to using the man's gun instead as its loaded with angel-killing bullets which are more useful for their mission.

In Let the Good Times Roll, Sam, Dean, Jack, and Castiel discover the hideout of a pack of werewolves at a marina. Castiel silently takes one out with an angel blade before Sam, Dean, and Jack burst into the building to take out the last two werewolves. Jack telekinetically held them in place so Sam and Dean could shoot them dead with their guns. Some time later Jack violently interrogates Nate, a suspect in Maggie's murder. As Jack strangled Nate, the Winchesters arrived and Dean shot Jack with his Colt M1911 to get his attention when he refused to listen. Jack was shocked by this action and stopped interrogating Nate. Later that day Apocalypse World Michael attacked the bunker. Sam and Dean shot at him with their guns but it didn't harm him.

In Prophet and Loss, Tony Alvarez gets his hands on the gun and uses it to commit suicide.

In Lebanon, Dean shoots Terry dead before he can slice Sam in half using Chrysayor and comments on how the bad guys always talk too much.

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  • Colt .45 M 1911A1 is nickel plated with ivory handles and engraving.
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