The Colt Bullet Creation Ritual is a ritual to create new bullets for the Colt created by hunter Bobby Singer and demon Ruby.


In 2007, after the last of the Colt's original bullets was used to kill the Prince of Hell Azazel, hunter Bobby Singer worked on creating more bullets for the Colt. After a failed attempt on his own, Bobby succeeded in creating this ritual with the help of the demon Ruby. The success of the ritual is proven when Sam Winchester kills the demons Casey and Father Gil with the Colt.

In 2017, after the British Men of Letters reveal that they have the Colt but no bullets, Sam gives Mick Davies the ritual Bobby created so he can create more bullets for the Colt. Immediately after the ritual is finished, the Alpha Vampire attacks, but Sam is able to use one of the new bullets to kill him, proving the success of the ritual.


A coating of holy oil, sage and myrrh is applied over a silver bullet. The caster then recites the following incantation to imitate the etchings on the original bullets:

"Signum est imitandum. Signum est imitandum."

Once the spell is performed, the bullets are immediately ready.

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