Colette was a maid of the LaCroix mansion.

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Colette was employee serving under Bunny LaCroix. It is unknown how long she worked for Bunny, however. Upon Bunny's death, the butler Phillip ordered the two maids, Colette and Olivia, to prepare the mansion for the funeral, and for the arrival of Bunny's relatives.

Due to seniority, Colette was assigned to pick out Bunny's outfit for the burial, while Olivia was forced with making sure the lavatories were spotless.

While Colette looked close to tears earlier, once at the master closet, which was a walk-in closet inside the master bedroom, Colette opened the jewelry box and tried on a pearl necklace for herself with much delight. She was briefly distracted by the sound of the door opening, but she ignored it, only to be distracted again by the sound of the door closing. She exited the closet to check out what was going on, and was soon confronted by what appeared to be the late Bunny LaCroix.

Colette was shocked to find her mistress alive, and tried to back away from her in fear. Bunny approached her and ripped the pearl necklace off of Colette's neck. Colette subsequently fell backwards over the banister while screaming. She dropped onto the floor, killed by the impact with a glass table on the first floor.

Phillip found her corpse and was horrified by what "Bunny" had done. He decided to cover it up and lie that Colette had quit her job out of grief to join the clown college. Colette's body was hidden in the attic, the place where Olivia spent much of her life inside of. Dean Winchester eventually discovered it and he and Sam later found out that the murderer was not the ghost of Bunny, but Olivia herself, who was a shapeshifter. When questioned by Amber, if she killed Colette for her job, Olivia argued that her intention was to scare her, not kill. She justified Colette's death, as she was disrespecting Bunny by stealing her stuff.

Her death was later avenged by Dean who killed Olivia.

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