Cole Griffith was a young boy whose death was the last to occur during a period of ten days in the town of Greybull, Wyoming.


Sam and Dean figured out, after some help from Bobby and a run-in with Alastair, that the reason there had been no deaths in town was because the "local" reaper had been kidnapped by demons. This meant that the breaking of one of the 66 Seals was imminent. They needed to find a way to communicate with the spirit of the last person that died in town, Cole Griffith. They decided on astral projection as the method, and called on Pamela to help them. She very reluctantly agreed to send them into the astral plane, dubious that they would be able to do anything but float around in it, but they were confident that Cole could help them.

When they finally made contact with Cole, he recalled to them that on the day he died, he had been outside all morning, and had not heeded the warning that the cold was dangerous for his asthma. When he came in and went to his room, he suddenly could not even catch a breath to call out to his mom. The next thing he knew, he was looking down over his own body. A creepy old man in a black suit appeared and tried to get him to leave with him, but he didn't want to go. Then, black smoke filled the room and he ran and hid in his closet. When he came out, The black smoke and the old man were gone. The three of them watched Cole's grief-stricken mother drift around his house, weeping and talking out loud to him.


Cole schooled Sam and Dean on how to manipulate objects, strike people and relocate in the spirit world. During their primer, the reaper Tessa arrived to take Cole, and he returned to his hiding place in his closet. He initially refused to tell them where the black smoke was, because he didn't want to deal with the old man again. After Sam told him a half-truth about being able to stay in the house with his family forever if he helped them, he finally told them he saw the smoke at the funeral home. As Dean tried to convince Tessa to hold off taking Cole and leave until they could deal with the demons, black smoke filled the house. When it left, Tessa was gone.

After the boys saved Tessa from Alastair and prevented the seal from being broken, she returned for Cole and found him watching his mom weep over his photo album. Tessa told him that his mom was so sad because she could still feel him, because he refused to let her go. Dean explained to him that refusing to go with Tessa meant that he would still be there after everyone he loved was gone, and then there would be nothing there for him. He finally went to Tessa; she embraced him and he disappeared into her with a white light. His mother looked up from the photo album and stopped crying.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite being a young ghost, Cole was relatively powerful.

  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Cole was naturally invisible to those around him. He did not appear to possess the ability to become visible to the living however.
  • Telekinesis - Cole possessed the ability to move objects with his mind. He was proficient at this, easily making objects move and flinging around multiple objects in a manner similar to a poltergeist.
  • Teleportation - Cole was able to teleport from place to place and was highly proficient at it. While training the Winchesters, Cole was able to train them in this ability and use it offensively against them.


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