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Bobby Singer on Cloverfield
in Like A Virgin

Cloverfield is the nickname given by Bobby Singer to a dragon who led the effort to bring Eve to Earth.


Under the orders of Eve, Cloverfield began leading the effort consisting of himself and two other dragons to bring her to Earth from Purgatory, kidnapping young women in Portland, Oregon following the instructions in the Dragons' Purgatory Book. Cloverfield's actions catch the attention of hunter Bobby Singer, particularly after he kidnaps Penny Dessertine from a plane in midair, flambeeing her boyfriend Stan after snatching the young man from the cockpit and leaving his body in a field seventeen miles away. Cloverfield and his compatriots also begin amassing a small horde of gold. Cloverfield later targets Melissa, stealing her gold promise ring and leaving long scratches upon her back. However, he is able to sense that Melissa is not a virgin and leaves her alone otherwise. On another occasion, Cloverfield gets annoyed when one of his captives struggles and breaks her arm before welding the cage shut.

Investigating the attacks, Sam and Dean Winchester eventually manage to track down the dragons' lair in the sewers. As the two hunters try to open the cage and free the young women, Cloverfield attacks, throwing Sam backwards and becoming amused when Dean pulls out the broken Sword of Bruncvik. However, Dean slashes the dragon's arm open, startling Cloverfield that he is armed with one of the rare Dragon Blades. Cloverfield knocks the sword out of Dean's hand and advances on him with glowing claws, but Sam attacks Cloverfield from behind with a crowbar, distracting the dragon and allowing Dean to try to retrieve the broken sword. Sam is able to hit the dragon a few times before he grabs the crowbar and melts it. Sam is able to knock Cloverfield backwards and retrieves the sword, but notices that Dean is in trouble with another dragon. Rather than try to kill Cloverfield, Sam wounds him with another slash from the broken sword then uses the weapon to kill the dragon that Dean is fighting with. Witnessing the death of his fellow dragon, Cloverfield quickly flees before Sam can return his attention to the dragon.

Later that night, Cloverfield meets up with the third dragon in his group, admitting that he encountered problems. The other dragon has collected more virgins and Cloverfield selects one for the ritual. Cloverfield performs the ritual and brings Eve into the world from Purgatory. Eve greets Cloverfield and the other dragon, telling them that they have a lot of work to do.

Powers and Abilities

As a dragon he is a very powerful monster.

  • Super Strength - A dragon possesses incredible physical strength. Dragons can easily overpower humans through sheer physical force. They are among the strongest of monsters, able to casually break bones, toss a grown man like a doll, and easily lift and carry a grown man, for over seven miles.
  • Shapeshifting - They can take a complete human form by shapeshifting, although when using their powers, part of their true forms become visible, specifically their snake like eyes.
  • Pyrokinesis (also called "Dragon Claw") - They can also generate intense heat from their hands. These temperatures are hot enough to melt metals like iron, or even incinerate humans with their touch. They can also breathe fire.
  • Flight - Dragons have bat-like wings which they use to fly and capture prey. They are incredibly capable flyers, able to move with great speed and maneuverability, and still demonstrate great stealth despite their enormous size.
  • Invulnerability - Dragons are near completely invulnerable; the only known way to harm or kill one is with a sword forged in Dragons blood. Significant other forces, such as repeatedly being hit with an iron crowbar, can daze them, but causes no permanent damage.
  • Super Speed - Dragons can move with incredible speed, able to suddenly appear, almost like teleporting, especially when flying.
  • Super Stamina - Dragons don't tire easily, they can fly miles at incredible speeds, and go through severe trauma without fatigue.
  • Super Senses - Able to tell if a person is a virgin or not simply by getting close.
  • Spell Casting - Cloverfield was able to perform the ritual to bring Eve to Earth from Purgatory.


As a dragon, one of the most powerful monsters in existence, he has very few weaknesses.


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