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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

Eckhart escapes the golem by casting the spell.

The Cloaking Flame spell hides the caster and leaves behind a conflagration. It was used by Eckhart in his escape from their headquarters in Vitsyebsk, Belarus, when it was under attack from a golem.


Its incantation was in Latin and was translated as follows:

Cloaking flame, I ignite you. The fire born from blood leaves behind no man. Now vanish me into the night. O fire of power and concealment.


The spell required several ingredients including unidentified herbs, a lit black candle and its melted wax, blood (as indicated by the incantation), and throwing a lit matchstick into the bowl of mixed ingredients as the final step.


The spell was effective in concealing its caster, although it was never mentioned if he simply turned invisible or was teleported to another place or point in time. The fire it ignited was powerful enough to destroy the entire compound, although it did not affect the golem. Interestingly, the case containing the ledger of the Thules was also untouched.