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These unnamed cloaked figures are creatures that inhabit The Bad Place.

Physical Appearance[]


The cloaked figures look like humanoid beings with glowing red eyes, clad in long black, ragged cloaks. They also cover their mouth with a crude mask that, when opened, exposes their predator-like face, covered in slime. When wounded, they expel thick blue blood.


These creatures are native to The Bad Place and known for living in packs. When Kaia Nieves and Jack inadvertently opened the portal to The Bad Place when trying to access Apocalypse World and leaving the portal opened for many days later, some were able to escape the The Bad Place and some ended up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Season 13[]

One of the creatures was somehow able to track Kaia Nieves to a hospital where Alex Jones was working. When Kaia tried to escape the hospital after encountering Claire Novak, the monster ambushed her. The monster was later killed by Claire and Jody Mills.

After enlisting help from Donna Hanscum, Jody, Claire, Kaia, Alex, and Patience later went to the Larsen Brothers' old shipyard. They found that the site was now heavily infested by the creatures. They later managed to fight these monsters, while Kaia and Claire traveled to The Bad Place to retrieve Sam and Dean. Afterwards, they were able to clear the site. But Sam warned Jody that there still might be many of them roaming Sioux Falls due to the portal having been kept open for a while.

Season 15[]

In Galaxy Brain, the Winchesters and Dark Kaia encounter a pack of the creatures when they travel to the Bad Place to rescue Kaia Nieves. Dark Kaia warns that they can't fight that many creatures and win, but recognizes that the creatures are terrified of the storm created by God destroying the Bad Place. The creatures flee, allowing the three to reach and rescue Kaia.

The species is rendered extinct when the Bad Place is destroyed by God shortly after the Winchesters and Kaia's departure.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super Speed - These monsters are able to move very quickly when hunting their target.
  • Super Strength - They were quite powerful physically.
  • Super Agility - These monsters are quite agile when moving and hurdle any obstacles.


Cloaked figures bleed blue blood when wounded

These monsters have no specific resistances attributed to them, which made them relatively easy to kill.

  • Mortality - Bullets were able to wound and kill them. Claire also killed them by stabbing their throat with a presumably ordinary knife.
  • Fire - They can be effectively killed by concentrated fire from a flamethrower.



  • Robert Berens revealed the monsters were originally called "Canids" in script. But their concept evolved so much in production, that the name didn't really seem to fit anymore.[1]
  • These creatures somewhat resemble the Yautja from the 1987 film Predator, as well as subsequent films. They also emit a clicking noise while breathing that is nearly identical to a Predator.
  • They are the first known characters of another universe that have crossed over to the main one.