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Clive Gillmer was a serial killer turned vengeful spirit in Supernatural: Night Terror.


In life, Clive was a deranged serial killer known as "The Machete Mime" or just "The Mime." Clive would kidnap people, chain them up in his father's horse stable and cut them to pieces with a machete. Eventually, people believed that Clive had run off but in fact Cletus had gotten his son into the cellar of his farmhouse shed and killed Clive with a pitchfork to the back.

Over the next five years, Clive went from deranged serial killer to phantom bogeyman in the minds of the townsfolk, causing kids to visit the farm where Clive, now a vengeful spirit, killed several. Clive eventually murdered Cletus who decided to burn down the stable and shed where Clive's body was hidden to get rid of him.

In 2011, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester learn of the missing kids and realize Clive is the killer. After Sam finds his machete in the stable, Clive ambushes him before attacking Dean, attempting to strangle him with some chains. Sam recovers in time to disperse Clive with rock salt and the Winchesters locate the shed and its root cellar with Clive's body. As they prepare to enter the cellar, Clive reappears, knocks Sam down the stairs and flings Dean out of the shed. Dean quickly dissipates Clive's ghost once more and he and Sam find Clive's body and begin performing a salt and burn on him. Before they can finish, Clive reappears and drags Sam away to strangle him, but Dean ignites his corpse, causing Clive's ghost to go up in flames. The fire from Clive's body spreads and burns the shed down, but the Winchesters are able to get out in time.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Clive is described as being 300 pounds and six foot seven wearing the traditional whiteface and black and white stripped shirt of a mime with a bloodstained bib over it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Clive is a mildly powerful ghost.

  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Clive is naturally invisible.
  • Super Strength - Clive is strong enough to crush a man's neck, break the neck of another victim and effortlessly fling around and strangle the Winchesters.
  • Immunity - Clive displays a partial immunity to salt, returning within a short time after each dispersal.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - When Clive appears, his presence causes the Winchesters flashlights to dim.
  • Telekinesis - Clive was able to telekinetically strangle Dean with a set of chains.


  • Mortality - As a human, Clive was mortal and thus vulnerable to all injuries and methods of death.
  • Salt - Like all ghosts, Clive can be dispersed with salt. However, he is partially immune and returns quickly.
  • Salting and Burning of Remains - Clive's spirit can be put to rest by salting and burning his bones.


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