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Clive Dylan was a Man of Letters who got stranded in Oz and was split into his good and evil selves, with the evil one later becoming the Wizard of Oz.


Clive was a Man of Letters who at some point discovered one of the Keys to Oz, a type of magical key which could turn any common door into a portal to Oz. Clive then opened a portal and travelled to Oz, but left the Key behind on Earth and was thus stranded in the magical land. Sometime during his wanderings there, Clive was kidnapped by an evil witches' coven, who unleashed an evil version of himself by using on him the Inner Key of Oz, a magical tool which could split persons into their good and evil selves, leaving only a repercussion connection between their physical bodies.

Clive's evil self, however, overpowered the witches, slaughtered them, stole their Inner Key and became power hungry, running away soon after to Emerald City and naming himself as the Wizard of Oz, to usurp its throne and tyrannize the land. Eventually, Clive was rescued by fellow Man of Letters L. Frank Baum who rediscovered the Key to Oz and came for him, unintentionally leading to Frank's daughter, Dorothy, being likewise trapped in Oz. Upon his return to Earth, Clive retired from the Men of Letters and was given a new identity as Michael Carter and a home in Junction City, Kansas. Due to his magical connection to the Wizard, who was immortal and lived in a dimension where time passes differently, Clive was still alive in 2015 despite being over 100 years old when Sam Winchester and Charlie Bradbury tracked him down using the Men of Letters' files, hoping he could help repair the Key to Oz.

Clive, after denying he was Clive Dylan at first, was unable to help fix the Key as it could only be fixed in Oz and was convinced by Charlie, who had also been split into her good and dark selves by suggestion of the Wizard, to explain what had happened to him. After learning that the Wizard was one of the new leaders of Oz with Dorothy Baum, Clive decided to help. Unable to travel to Oz because of the broken Key, Clive suggested summoning the Wizard to Earth by Clive fatally shooting himself, which would also affect the Wizard who would have to come and heal them both by magic. Clive shoots himself and as he predicted, the Wizard came, furious at Clive's actions. When the Wizard started choking Sam, Clive tried to get a reluctant Charlie to shoot him again in order to stop the Wizard. With no other choice, Charlie finally agreed. Clive forgave Charlie and was shot in the head, which killed both him and the Wizard of Oz. With the Wizard dead, Sam was able to get the Inner Key and reverse the spell on Charlie, freeing Oz at last from the Wizard's tyranny.

Powers and Abilities[]

Through his connection to The Wizard of Oz, Clive had a couple of abilities.

  • Immortality - As the Wizard was a conditional immortal, Clive couldn't die of old age either and was over 100 years old at the time of his death.
  • Connection to the Wizard of Oz - Clive was physically connected to the Wizard of Oz who was his dark half, causing them to share the same wounds and injuries. If one died, so would the other.