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Clea was a witch and a member of the Grand Coven.


Clea is an old and advanced witch. At some point, she befriended Rowena and together, they had various journeys throughout the ages. The relationship still remained on "good terms" even after Rowena's expulsion from the Grand Coven.

At some point, Clea made her way to Grand Isle, Louisiana and operated here. Rowena later tracked into her lair in order to make an offering.

Season 11[]

After locating Clea, Rowena asked for some help to compose a spell. At first, Clea resisted giving help, noting how other possible helpers were "torched" by Rowena. Upon realizing that the end is coming, she agreed to help Rowena.

In the midst of gathering the necessary ingredients, Sam Winchester arrives to ask for their help in God's war against the Darkness. Clea notes that Sam had a powerful aura protection, and while Rowena is skeptical of Sam's words, Clea acknowledges him and reveals herself to believe in God. She agrees to help Sam, especially when one of her Tarot cards reveals a good chance at winning.

Clea enlisted some Grand Coven members to join the witches' side in the war.

Clea's cross.

After the Darkness was lured by Rowena to the intended trap site, she and her team cast a spell and relayed it to Rowena so the Darkness could be weakened. However, their efforts only lasted temporarily. The Darkness deflected the spell. Rowena was sent flying onto the ground, while Clea and her companions were killed by their backfired spell. Their corpses were left in their seats, cooked and burnt.

Powers and Abilities[]

Clea was a very old and advanced witch. The extent of her power was unknown, but Rowena held her in high respect due to her mastery of magic.

  • Witchcraft - Having mastered many styles of magic, Clea was able to cast many spells during her lifetime. She and some fellow witches helped Rowena to cast the powerful Diminishing Spell in order to weaken The Darkness.
    • Immortality - Clea's age is probably at least on par with Rowena's.
    • Clairsentience - She was able to sense Rowena's spying method.
    • Aura Reading - She could read Sam's aura and realize he was under a powerful protection.
    • Divination - She could read the future using Tarot Cards.
    • Pyrokinesis - In order to channel the Diminishing Spell through Rowena, Clea ignited a fire beneath a cauldron.
    • Hexing - She had absolute knowledge of hex bags and how to use them, as Rowena needed firstly to check her cabin though astral projection.



  • Clea is one of the few known witches shown to be religious. The others were Amanda Burns, who was Episcopalian, and Nora Havelock, who is Wiccan.