Claudette is a low-level Grand Coven witch.


In The Bad Seed, Claudette and another low-level Grand Coven witch are called to a meeting at Café Elta with Rowena MacLeod who proposes that the two join her new Mega Coven. However, the two are uninterested until Rowena reveals that she now owns the Book of the Damned which is making her "a force of nature." Before the discussion can go further, a demon waiter attacks, killing the other witch while Rowena is able to escape.

Claudette survives the attack and takes shelter in a police department. Suspecting that her life is in danger, she refuses to leave the place. Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester learn of the Café Elta attack and visit Claudette in their own search for Rowena. After a failed attempt by Claudette to send Dean away with a spell, the Winchesters convince her to cooperate. Using her compact mirror, Claudette performs a scrying spell that allows them to find and capture Rowena.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Claudette scrying

Grand Coven witch Claudette scrying for Rowena

Claudette is likely a low-level witch.

  • Spell Casting - Through spell casting, Claudette has a number of abilities. As hex bags and other magical items were found by the Winchesters in her possession, it is likely that she can perform many spells. However, only two were seen, perfectly or not, on the show:


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