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This unnamed Pontianak took on the form of Claire Novak, after she learned about Castiel's mind, in order to stop him to helping Sam and Dean defeating Riza Nodd


Early StoryEdit

She was one of among 5 girls that subsequently killed by Dr. Calvin Nodd. At some point, she returned as Pontianak. She also remained as Riza subordinate since then.

Supernatural: Cold FireEdit

Learned that they encountered Pontianak, Castiel managed to assist them. After taking care of Brianna Greens from Riza Nodd influence, being low on grace, Castiel managed to obtain some iron stakes and went to Larkin family estate to deal with them.

When arrived, five pontianaks came after him, after summoned by Riza. One of them assumed Claire Novak appearance, after figured out that Castiel thinking about her so much. When Castiel suddenly thinked about Chloe Sikes that in critical condition during childbirth, she changed her appearance into her, in attempt to deceive Castiel.

Her shapeshifting skills quite impressive, causing doubts on Castiel to attack. Being frozen, four other Pontianak attacking him continuously, wounding him seriously. When the Claire/Chloe doppelganger tried to attack him, Castiel managed to get his composure again and grabbed her. Unable to cast his doubt, he asked for forgiveness before landed fatal stab to her neck.

But an instant before the stake tip struck, at the same time, Dean successfully decapitated Riza, all five of the pontianaks went limp and collapsed. He felt the tension evaporate from the one he held by the throat. Stepping back, he let her fall to the ground. Now all of the Pontianak killed and turned into ooze and piles of ash.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This pontianak possessed standard abilities of Pontianaks. For Pontianak, her shapeshifting skills quite impressive, able to deceive Castiel.

  • Shapeshifting - As Pontianak, she was capable shapeshifter. They can change their apperance according to their will.
  • Empathy - She was able to figure out Castiel weakness by looking into Castiel mind and use Claire Novak and Chloe Sikes images to stalled him.
  • Claws - She possesed sharp claws to attack and use it as offensive means against their attacker.


  • Iron Stakes - Stabbing an iron stake to the neck hole behind her head will pinned her, putting her to sleep.
  • Connection to Riza Nodd - Being controlled by Riza directly, she was physically connected to her. If Riza died, so would the other pontianaks under her control, including her.


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