Claire Becker was a ghost who appeared as a death omen.


About a year before the events of "The Usual Suspects", Peter Sheridan stole heroin from the police lock-up, and used Claire to fence it. Claire had been arrested twice for dealing heroin, and Pete Sheridan knew her from when he worked in Narcotics. He also started a romantic relationship with her. However, when Claire threatened to turn him in, he murdered her and hid her body.

Season 2Edit

She returned as a type of ghost, a death omen, to warn other people Pete was going to kill. She tried to communicate and generates the letters DANASHULPS through printers, and computers. This was an anagram of Ashland Sup(plies), where she was killed. Sam and Detective Diana Ballard eventually found her mummified body, and Sam deduced that she was not the ghost behind the recent murders, but rather a death omen, warning people of their deaths.

When Sam and Ballard confront Pete Sheridan, the real culprit behind the murders, he attacked them. During the fight, Claire's ghost appeared and distracted Pete, allowing Diana to shoot and kill him. With Sheridan's death, Claire's death was avenged and she was put to rest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Electrokinesis - Able manipulate printers and computers, to try and tell to give others a clue to her murder, as well as make lights flicker.
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis
  • Biokinesis - Quite limited, able to make similar bruises to her wrists appear on the arms of the people she warned.
  • Super Speed


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