The outside of Chuck's house

The outside of Chuck's house.

Chuck Shurley's House is the residence of God during his tenure as the Prophet Chuck Shurley.


The Monster at the End of This BookEdit

When Sam and Dean Winchester discover the existence of the Supernatural books, they decide to hunt down the author. After finding out from the publisher, Sera, the name and address of Chuck Shurley, they drive to his house.

Chuck initially does not welcome them, but the brothers force their way in and reveal that they truly are the Sam and Dean he writes about. Once they've convinced him, Chuck offers information about a possible future involving Lilith, leading Dean to do whatever he can to avoid it. His plan does not succeed, however.

Castiel, after informing Dean that Chuck is a prophet, offers Dean advice by revealing that Chuck has an archangel watching over him. Dean storms into Chuck's house and takes him to the motel room where Lilith and Sam are. The plan works, and Lilith flees from Raphael. When Chuck has a vision he wishes to tell Sam and Dean, Zachariah arrives to prevent him from doing so.

Lucifer RisingEdit

Dean convinces Castiel to rebel against Heaven and together they teleport to Chuck's house, hoping to find out where Sam is. They interrupt a call to an escort from Chuck, who is startled and tells them that "this wasn't supposed to happen". He tells them that Sam is at St. Mary's Convent, but as they talk, Raphael begins descending upon the house.

Castiel teleports Dean to Sam's location while he stays behind to face the archangel.

Sympathy for the DevilEdit

Sam and Dean return to the house to find that much of the inside has been destroyed by Raphael. Chuck survived the attack, but Castiel was killed, with bits of him even getting stuck in Chuck's hair. Zachariah and his minions arrive at the house shortly after, intent on taking Dean with them. Dean sends them away with a blast from an Angel Banishing Sigil he wrote on a sliding door.

Swan SongEdit

Chuck is typing out the manuscript for the chapter "Swan Song", as he waits for a call from Mistress Magda. When Dean calls him for help, Chuck tells him of the location for the final battle: Stull Cemetery.

Following Lucifer's defeat, Chuck is shown finishing up his work on his computer. He narrates the story, noting how nothing really ends, before he disappears from his chair, leaving the house empty.


Chuck's desk

Chuck's desk

The house has two floors. Chuck is mostly seen sitting at his desk with his computer. He keeps the manuscripts of his work next to the computer. Chuck also uses a telephone. Much of the interior was destroyed when Raphael came to kill Castiel, but this was apparently fixed by the house's final appearance.

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