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When I became Death, I inherited Death's Knowledge and Death's Library. And in Death's Library, everyone has a book. Even God.
Billie reveals the book's existence to Team Free Will 2.0
in Galaxy Brain
Behold. In the end there is the ending of he who created the beginning. (...) And thus it will be...
— A partial reading of the book's text by Betty
in Inherit the Earth

Chuck's Death Book is the book from Death's Reading Room that depicts the ultimate destruction of God and how it is accomplished.


In Galaxy Brain, Billie reveals to Team Free Will 2.0 that she knows how to destroy God because it is in one of the books in Death's Reading Room which she inherited when Billie became Death. Billie explains that not even God can read the book without her permission and that the books write themselves so Chuck has no idea what's in it. Billie reveals that along with Jack Kline's role as the instrument of God's destruction, the book identifies the Winchesters as the messengers of God's destruction.

In Drag Me Away (From You), Billie tells Dean that, having given Jack his final orders, her role is now over until the end according to the book and Dean must guide Jack the rest of the way.

In Unity, Sam uses the Key to Death to enter Death's Reading Room where he finds the Shadow in the form of Meg also seeking Billie. The Shadow reveals that it has found Chuck's Death Book which is on the table in front of it. However, only Billie can read it. Sam convinces the Shadow to give him the book and returns to the bunker with it.

Later, Chuck reveals to Amara that he has manipulated the whole situation in order to get the Winchesters to kill each other as part of his perfect ending. Chuck admits that he can't read the book, but finds that fact pointless anyway due to his ability to control time and space. Chuck also scoffs at the idea of the Winchesters being able to kill him.

In Despair, Billie reveals that she knows that Sam took the book and demands it back in exchange for bringing Jack back from the Empty. Sam reluctantly brings Billie the book, but he tosses it onto the table instead of handing it to her. Rather than bringing Jack back right away, Billie opens the book to the end, explaining that the book has changed to have a new ending since the Winchesters, Jack and Castiel ruined the old one. Billie finds what the book says to be interesting and teleports Jack back to the bunker. Billie then attempts to take Jack with her, stating that he is still useful. However, Dean grabs Death's Scythe which Billie had put down to read the book and slashes Billie in the left shoulder. Billie is forced to escape without Jack, the scythe or the book. When Sam attempts to read the book once she's gone, Sam discovers that he can't even open it.

In Inherit the Earth, the Winchesters attempt to have Michael open the book, but even with his power as an archangel, Michael can't get it to budge. Later, a resurrected Lucifer arrives, claiming to have been brought back by the Shadow in order to help them. Lucifer kills Betty, a Reaper, turning her into the new Death who can read the book. The Winchesters lead Betty to the archives room, but Betty leaves them outside to read it alone.

After Betty reads the book, she announces that it has revealed the method of Chuck's death. As Betty begins to read the book's ending, Lucifer kills her and pulls the open book to him with telekinesis, revealing that God had resurrected him in order to get the book. After a brief battle, Michael kills Lucifer with the archangel blade, stabbing him with the blade beneath the book. As Lucifer dies, he drops the book onto the floor where it remains open and is collected by Sam.

Later, Dean tells Michael that Sam thinks the writing in the book is some form of Enochian and Sam is using the Book of the Damned to try to translate it to find out how to kill Chuck. After finishing the translation, Sam announces that Chuck's Death Book has revealed a spell that has to be performed a specific place at a specific angle of the sun that will release an unstoppable force that will find and kill Chuck. At a lakeside, Sam performs the spell with the open Death book positioned next to the spell bowl. However, the spell fails to kill Chuck who appears, having been warned of their plan by Michael.

Following Chuck's defeat, he believes that being stripped of his powers by Jack is how the book ends, but Sam tosses it in front of him, revealing that the pages are blank. Sam states that only Death can read the book and the Winchesters explain that they had to come up with a Plan B and, having deduced that Michael would betray them, fed him a story about finding a spell in Chuck's Death Book which they knew Michael would feed straight to Chuck, allowing them to draw Chuck into a trap. With Chuck powerless and mortal, the Winchesters decide not to kill him and leave him to live out a mortal life, grow old, get sick, be forgotten and die. No longer needing Chuck's Death Book, the Winchesters and Jack leave it with Chuck as they drive away, ignoring his pleas..



  • Unlike the other books in Death's Reading Room which take on the form of small notebooks, this book appears as a black leather tome with the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega on the cover.
  • The Alpha and Omega Symbols appear on the cover of Chuck's Death Book. Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. In the Book of Revelation, it appears as a Christian symbol, serving as a title or self-designation for God. In Rabbinic literature, the word "emet" (truth), the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, serve as the Seal of God and in Judaic tradition, it carries the same connotation as Alpha and Omega.