You want to know your future? I know your future. It's covered in thick black ooze. It's everywhere. They're everywhere. Enjoy oblivion.
— Chronos to the Sam and Dean
in Time After Time

Chronos was the god of time.


The mark of Chronos, the infinite hourglass.

Early life

In Antiquity, people summoned Chronos to compel him to tell them their futures. When he was worshiped he gained his power from taking time from his worshipers. No longer worshiped, Chronos was forced to feed after a couple decades on three humans to stop wandering through time. He eventually met a human woman, Lila Taylor and fell in love with her. Although he didn't tell Lila who he really was, he was forced to kill in order to return to her. His powers sent him into the future so he needed power to return. He made a living in 1944 using his foresight to bet on horse races, buying himself a luxurious household until his bookie, Lester Young, became scared of him and cut him off.

Season 7

Chronos reveals the future right before he dies.

On his last feeding in 2012, he was tackled by Dean, and Chronos took both of them back to 1944. Dean was arrested almost immediately. Chronos intended to get rid of Dean but found that Dean was released by Eliot Ness. When he noticed that Eliot lurking about Lila's house he attacked, but didn't finish Eliot off due to a moment of distraction. Dean later broke in and the two fought, but are stopped when Eliot took Lila hostage. The hunters revealed Chronos' status as a monster to Lila. Though Chronos defended that he wanted a life with Lila, Eliot reminded that he killed Tyler Crosby and Kathy Porter in 1944 and guessed that Lila was to be his third sacrifice. Further, he accused Chronos of killing people to visit different time periods. Lila then revealed that she knew Kathy, who was a frequent customer at her diner, and rejected Chronos. Chronos began to choke Dean, but was summoned back to 2012 where he faced Sam. He let go of Dean and fought Sam. Chronos was stabbed in the heart by the stake and, as he died, gave them his final premonition by telling them their future was full of black goo.

Powers and Abilities

Chronos using the life-force of a mortal.

As a Pagan deity, Chronos was very powerful, even for deities, as he was much stronger than most deities; as such, he possessed several incredible and rare powers.

  • Immortality - As a deity, Chronos didn't age.
  • Super Strength - Chronos could casually overpower full-grown men; he threw Sam across a room with one hand.
  • Super Stamina - He never tires, regardless of what he had been through.
  • Invulnerability - Few things could damage him, he barely reacted to punches in the face, and took two bullets in the back, and didn't even react.
  • Chronokinesis - As the God of Time, Chronos had the power to control time and disrupt the flow of it, causing objects that measured time to stop permanently, much like Reapers.
    • Time Travel - Chronos, as the god of time, could travel anywhere through time, while also being able to take others with him if he chooses to. However, he can be ripped from wherever he is if summoned. If Chronos didn't maintain enough power, he would be "catapulted" back to the present.
    • Foresight - He could see the future and used this ability to rake in money to live on. He also used it to predict the future for anyone who summoned him, though what he foresaw could be changed.
  • Life-Force Absorbing - Chronos used the life-force of mortals to power up and maintain his powers.
  • Supreme Knowledge - Being thousands of years old and a deity, he possessed vast knowledge about the world and its workings.


  • Olive Tree Branch - Chronos could be killed by being stabbed in the heart with a thousand year old branch of an olive tree carved by Vestal Virgins covered in the blood of an unknown source.



  • His name is not to be confused with the Titan Cronos/Cronus/Kronos.
  • "Chronos" in Greek (χρόνος) means time/year.
  • While a god by some definitions, Chronos in Greek myths was thought of as the personification of time, rather a god associated with time like in the series.
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