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(Since the spell that God used to bind the Darkness need an Leviathan Blossom, the Leviathans were created before War Against the Darkness)
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*God creates many worlds to try and show The Darkness that they don't have to be alone, but The Darkness would always destroy whatever he created.
*God creates many worlds to try and show The Darkness that they don't have to be alone, but The Darkness would always destroy whatever he created.
*God created the four [[Archangels]]. Those being [[Michael]], [[Lucifer]], [[Raphael]], and [[Gabriel]].
*God created the four [[Archangels]]. Those being [[Michael]], [[Lucifer]], [[Raphael]], and [[Gabriel]].
*God created the [[Leviathans]], the first beasts. However, over time, they have proven to be too dangerous and destructive, so he created [[Purgatory]] and imprisoned them there.
*God rallied the Archangels to go to war with The Darkness, and with their combined strength, they managed to imprison her. To contain the Darkness, God made the [[Mark of Cain]], which is both a key and lock to his sister's cell. God gave the Mark to Lucifer, his most valued and beloved son.
*God rallied the Archangels to go to war with The Darkness, and with their combined strength, they managed to imprison her. To contain the Darkness, God made the [[Mark of Cain]], which is both a key and lock to his sister's cell. God gave the Mark to Lucifer, his most valued and beloved son.
*God defined the laws of physics and created the physical [[The Universe|Universe]], which he later dictates to Metatron. He also created spirit worlds separated from the physical universe. Among them is [[Heaven]], with [[Heaven's Garden]] at the center and the [[Axis Mundi]] as the central road through the realm.
*God defined the laws of physics and created the physical [[The Universe|Universe]], which he later dictates to Metatron. He also created spirit worlds separated from the physical universe. Among them is [[Heaven]], with [[Heaven's Garden]] at the center and the [[Axis Mundi]] as the central road through the realm.
*God created the [[Leviathans]], the first beasts. However, over time, they have proven to be too dangerous and destructive, so he created [[Purgatory]] and imprisoned them there.
*God created the other [[angels]], among them are [[Castiel]], [[Zachariah]], [[Anna]], [[Balthazar]], [[Naomi]], [[Uriel]], [[Metatron]], [[Hester]], [[Gadreel]], [[Ezekiel]], [[Samandriel]], and many others.
*God created the other [[angels]], among them are [[Castiel]], [[Zachariah]], [[Anna]], [[Balthazar]], [[Naomi]], [[Uriel]], [[Metatron]], [[Hester]], [[Gadreel]], [[Ezekiel]], [[Samandriel]], and many others.
*God creates [[hellhounds]] to serve as his companions/pets.
*God creates [[hellhounds]] to serve as his companions/pets.

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The chronology of Supernatural is very complicated, as no precise dates are given in many episodes. The show is currently set in 2020, and it is has begun sometime in 2005, as evidenced by the murders committed by Constance Welch from 2003-2005. Clear dates are given in the early chronology of the Winchester family, i.e. Dean was born in 1979 and Mary died in 1983. Shown below is a construction of the chronology of Supernatural.

Primeval/Primordial Times

  • Before there was anything, there was only the The Empty, where an unknown Cosmic Entity rules and slumbers for all of eternity.
  • Amara appeared, marking the beginning of time.
  • Eventually, Death and God, the latter being The Darkness' younger brother, came into existence.
  • God creates many worlds to try and show The Darkness that they don't have to be alone, but The Darkness would always destroy whatever he created.
  • God created the four Archangels. Those being Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel.
  • God created the Leviathans, the first beasts. However, over time, they have proven to be too dangerous and destructive, so he created Purgatory and imprisoned them there.
  • God rallied the Archangels to go to war with The Darkness, and with their combined strength, they managed to imprison her. To contain the Darkness, God made the Mark of Cain, which is both a key and lock to his sister's cell. God gave the Mark to Lucifer, his most valued and beloved son.
  • God defined the laws of physics and created the physical Universe, which he later dictates to Metatron. He also created spirit worlds separated from the physical universe. Among them is Heaven, with Heaven's Garden at the center and the Axis Mundi as the central road through the realm.
  • God created the other angels, among them are Castiel, Zachariah, Anna, Balthazar, Naomi, Uriel, Metatron, Hester, Gadreel, Ezekiel, Samandriel, and many others.
  • God creates hellhounds to serve as his companions/pets.
  • God created Earth, the souls and creatures to live on it. Among them, were Adam and Eve.
  • Death and his Reapers started to manage the flow of life and death.

Birth of Humanity

  • The Grigori are some of the first angels to be placed on Earth to watch and protect humanity. However when they begin feeding on the souls of humans, they are believed to have been wiped out.[1]
  • Castiel joined Anna's garrison and was stationed on Earth. He watched the very first fish crawl onto land and an older angel told him not to step on it, because God had big plans for that fish.[2]
  • Eve created an army of monsters to overcome the future human race. She created the Alphas and the Alphas began to turn humans into monsters who in turn infected more humans into monsters.
  • God asked his angelic children to bow down and worship or love humans as he believed humanity to be the best of all his creations. Lucifer refuses because he sees humanity as flawed and unworthy.
  • Uriel was captivated with their older brother's power and beauty, feeling sympathy for his disdain for humans.[3]
  • Lucifer entreats Michael, his older brother, to stand by him in conflict and the war, however Michael refuses and, at his father's orders, a war begun in Heaven. After Lucifer lost the war, Michael cast him out of Heaven, and he fell to Earth.
  • Once on Earth, Lucifer created crypts and hid various items in them.
  • The Mark begins asserting its own will and begins to corrupt Lucifer, amplifying his jealously of mankind.
  • Lucifer rage against humans grew, he eventually approached the Garden of Eden and convinced Gadreel, God's most trusted angel, to let him into the Garden.
  • Once in the Garden, Lucifer twisted the minds of the humans, causing them to partake of the Forbidden Fruit (the Quince).
  • Lucifer corrupted Lilith, turning her into the first demon.
  • God created Hell and had Michael cast Lucifer into it because of his actions.
  • Being now corrupt, this got humanity expelled from the Garden.
  • Gadreel was imprisoned for letting Lucifer into the Garden.
  • Lucifer began to create Hell's hierarchy, starting with first generation of demons after Lilith, called the Princes of Hell which he created himself. They were named Azazel, Ramiel, Dagon, and Asmodeus.
  • Asmodeus sought to please Lucifer by releasing the Shedim. Asmodeus believed that he could train and use the Shedim despite Lucifer fearing them. Lucifer instead punished him by inflicting two scars upon Asmodeus' face and re-imprisoned the Shedim.
  • One of the first sons of man, Abel, was attempting to pray to God. In actuality he was praying to Lucifer, making his soul hellbound. His older brother Cain refused to let this happen and made a pact with Lucifer: to have his soul in Hell for Cain's to be delivered to Heaven. Lucifer agreed on the condition that Cain would murder his brother and bear the mark. Cain killed Abel who was then sent to Heaven. To avoid the corruption of the mark Cain killed himself only to be resurrected as a demon and the first Knight of Hell.
  • Lucifer Handpicked the rest of the Knights of Hell [4] and had Cain train and lead them. They brought havoc and carnage for years before vanishing.
  • God had decided to destroy all of the overly vicious Hellhounds he created, but Lucifer managed to rescue one of them, Ramsey, who was pregnant.
  • Lucifer's Cage was formed by God.
  • Lucifer was defeated and thrown into The Cage by Michael.
  • Gabriel left Heaven after he saw his brothers fighting each other.[5]
  • God left Heaven. In despair at seeing their father go, the archangels decided to rule the universe in his stead, but needed the Word of God to achieve this.[6] Naomi was ordered to debrief Metatron, but he escaped to Earth before they could get him in their hands.[7] God continued to talk with Joshua.[8]

Pre-Abrahamic/Pagan times

  • Humanity began to worship the sun, the womb, the rain and the stars. This angered the creator as it prevented humans from seeing God's beneficence.
  • God created the pagan deities to take blame for misfortunes of humanity, and, to create stories surrounding them. The Pagan deities were venerated by the early humans and gain followers.
  • Osiris and other Egyptian deities were worshiped in Egypt.
  • Osiris was considered for the job as the new judge of souls by Heaven. However he was passed over in favor of his son Anubis, who in the end was regarded as the obvious choice and was enlisted to work with Heaven to ensure that the souls met their proper destinations.[9]
  • Kali and other Hindu deities were worshiped in India.
  • Odin and other Norse deities began to be worshiped in Scandinavia.
  • Hiding on Earth, Gabriel discovers Loki bound in a cave, freeing him the two come to an agreement with Gabriel assuming the Trickster identity.[10]
  • Zeus and other Greek deities were worshiped in Greece.
  • Atropos and her sisters were assigned to the job of guiding destiny according to God design.[11]
  • Zeus took away fire from the humans, leaving them dependent of him and defenseless against monsters. But Prometheus gave it back to them to protect them from the monsters in the world. Zeus cursed Prometheus to die every day, and imprisoned him in a mountain range.[12]
  • Mixcoatl and other Aztec deities were worshiped in Central Mexico.
  • Anu and other Canaanit deities were worshiped in Mesopotamia.
  • Moloch and other Babylonian deities were worshiped in Levant.
  • Zao Shen and other Chinese deities were worshiped in China.
  • Baron Samedi and other Voodoo deities were worshiped in West Africa.
  • Cacao and other Mayan deities were worshiped in Mesoamerica.
  • Fortuna and other Roman deities were worshiped in Roma.
  • Devla and other Romani deities were worshiped by Romani people.
  • Leshi and other Slavic deities were worshiped by Slavs.
  • Hold Nickar and other Teutonic deities were worshiped by ancient Germanic people.[13]
  • The demon Samhain was worshipped as a god by the Ancient Celts.[14]
  • God grew tired and abandoned the pagan deities due to his ego. Many of the pagan gods eventually forget the truth of their origins.

8000 B.C.

Biblical Period

4000 - 3000 B.C.

2300 B.C.

  • Death was released to flood Earth and destroy humanity, except Noah and his family. Death returned to his underground coffin afterwards.[16]
  • A species of primitive beasts made out of rock and sand were nearly wiped out from the flood.

2200 B.C.

  • Castiel witnessed the fall of the Tower of Babel.[2]

1892 B.C.

  • Three angels appeared before Abraham. He pleaded to them not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Despite his pleas, the angels went on to destroy the twin cities. Castiel witnessed the downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah.[2]

1320 B.C.

  • A staff was given to Moses, and he used it to cause the Ten Plagues and freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, started the forty-year Exodus.[17] The angels were ordered to slay every Egyptian firstborn infant, only for the lower angels (including Castiel) to have their minds wiped afterwards by Naomi.[6]
  • Moses and the Israelites created the Ark of The Covenant

1085 B.C.

  • God began to gain a following among the Israelite people. The Israelites spread the word of God and warned people against following Lucifer.

1 A.D.

33 A.D.

  • The angels were recalled to Heaven on Michael's orders, not to reveal themselves to man until the coming of The Apocalypse nearly two thousand years later.[18]

79 A.D.


  • The Mayan Inyo, who would later use the alias Brick Holmes, was born around this time.[19]


  • The witch named Patrick was born around this time.[20]
  • The Purgatory resident who would later go by the alias Dr. Visyak was born around this time.[21]



  • Dragons were last hunted or even seen by humans around 1311.[23]
  • The human Ruby sold her soul to the demon Astaroth and became a witch. During the Black Plague epidemic in Europe (1348-1350), she died and her soul went to Hell, where she was tortured and eventually became a demon.[24]
  • The nun Agnes wrote The Book of the Damned, she used her own skin as pages and blood as ink.



  • In 1589, Peter Binsfeld realized that the Seven Deadly Sins were not just vices, but had physical forms, as such, he wrote a book identifying them for the first time as real demons.
  • The Protestant fathers left England, and sailed to America, they became the first white men in America. White colonization began in the United States of America but as soon as the settlers arrive, their governor realized that they lack efficient supplies for a long winter. He returned to England which took him two years, and then another year returning with supplies. When he returned to the colony's camp in 1590, he found it derelict and empty. The only clue to what happened to the Lost Colony was the word Croatoan carved onto a tree. This had become one of the biggest mysteries of American history, and to this day nobody knows what happened to the colony, as no DNA had turn up matching that of the settlers. Common theories suggest that the survivors were infected with the Croatoan Virus and killed each other.[26]


  • Crowley was born in Scotland as Fergus McLeod in 1661, and taught witchcraft by Rowena, his mother.[27]
  • Rowena intended to sell Crowley in exchange for three pigs, however dismissed it. Rowena came across a Polish family who helped her out of her poverty. In return, she granted the family's dying son, Oskar, immortality.
  • Crowley seeks out a Crossroad Demon to whom he sold his soul for a longer penis.[28] After a decade, he was killed by a hellhound and his soul taken to Hell. In Hell, Crowley was tortured brutally until he became a demon. He became the right-hand man to Lilith, the first demon. Unlike other demons, Crowley did not want Lucifer freed, since he knows Lucifer views demons as abominations.[16]


  • In 1723 Crowley's son Gavin MacLeod, after the death of his parents, emigrated to the American Colonies from Scotland, but drowned when his ship sank before the coast of Massachusetts.[28]
  • In the 1720s Maggie Briggs was hung by Isaiah Pickett for being a witch, but he really did so because she was also carrying his illegitimate child.[29]


  • The vampire Luther was born around this time.


  • In 1816 Doc Benton found immortality.




  • Samuel Colt completed the construction of the Devil's Gate in Wyoming some time prior to 1861.[31]
  • From the year 2011 Sam and Dean traveled back in time to 1861, way before their time, on the hunt of a Phoenix in Sunrise, Wyoming whose ashes can be used to kill Eve, the Mother of All. The Winchesters found a Phoenix, named Elias Finch, and Dean lured him out into combat and killed him with the Colt he borrowed from Samuel Colt, before he was sent back to 2011. Colt collected the ashes and sent them to the future by storing them at a post office which will deliver them to Bobby Singer's house 150 years later.[31]


  • The American Civil War lasts from 1861 to 1865. During the Battle of Carthage on July 5, 1861, the Battle of Hellhole took place on what later became William Jasper's Farm.[16]
  • In 1862, the puritanical preacher Jacob Karns murdered 13 prostitutes in a town on the Nine Mile Road, was executed for his crimes, and became a Hookman.[32]
  • Cain fell in love with the human Colette around the 1860s. Although she forgave him for the evil deeds he did prior to meeting her, she made him promise not to kill anymore. He agreed and retired to live with Colette as a married couple.[33]
  • Kidnapping of Colette Mullen
    • In 1863, the Knights of Hell abducted Colette and attempted to persuade Cain to return to being their leader. This tactic proved fatal when Cain killed them instead. When he tracked Colette down, he found her possessed by Abaddon, who tricked him into killing Colette out of her jealousy of Cain's love for Colette. Cain honored Colette's dying wish for him not to kill anymore, and so Abaddon is spared his revenge, making her the only Knight of Hell who remained alive and active.[33]
  • The Collins brothers fought on opposite sides of the Civil War. The Confederate Vance Collins was shot and killed by his Union brother, and swore vengeance on him. His body was later chosen as The Unknown Soldier. Around 150 years later his grave was desecrated and he became a Specter.[34]



  • P.T. Barnum entered the circus business in 1871. Sometime in his twenty-year career until his death in 1891 he employed Charlie as his stage magician, and gave him a grimoire that contained an immortality spell, which Charlie used on himself.[35]


  • H. H. Holmes was executed for being America's first mass murderer. His spirit would later resurface.
  • The Merchant family were found slaughtered. Everyone believed the father Isaiah was the murderer, when in fact it was the adopted daughter Melanie who committed the atrocity. Melanie's spirit would return later when the painting of her family was sold.
  • Dr. Benton abandoned his professional work to gain immortality.



  • In 1901, Ishim and his flight of angels came to Earth secretly to kill a supposed nephilim. The Seraph Akobel was murdered in the process.



  • October - Jack Fiddler and his son, Joseph, were tried for the murder of a Cree woman. Both men pleaded guilty but claimed that the murder was necessary because she was a wendigo.
  • The Rabbit's Foot was made by a conjure woman from Baton Rouge about this time.[37]


  • Max Thompson was born on October 2, 1910.[27]
  • The RMS Titanic sailed from Southampton, England, to embark on its maiden voyage. The angel Balthazar arrived in 1912 from the future, 2010, and took up a job on the ship as an officer. He managed to alert the officers to the dangers of the iceberg and thus saved thousands of people from drowning and saves the entire ship, altering history dramatically and enabling the Titanic to sail from Southampton to New York unimpeded. However, this, coupled with Sam averting the Apocalypse, puts Atropos out of her job. Desperated to put things right, Atropos began to kill off the descendants of those on-board Titanic who survived. Things were only reverted when Balthazar was persuaded by Castiel to go back to 1912 and change history back to normal by sinking the Titanic.[38]
  • Azazel took Meg to see Lucifer's Crypts some time before 1913.[39]
  • The Great War began in 1914. War influenced the desire for militarism and conquest in Germany.[40]


  • A young girl committed suicide when she discovered she had been abused by her studio chief in Hollywood. Her ghost would later return and haunt the studio.[41]
  • 1925 - An insane Man of Letters, Diego Avila decided to "fix" the world by summoning the gods Yokoth and Glythur from an alternate reality to "cleanse the world of hate and bring a new paradise." Diego kidnapped a woman named Sandy Porter to be a vessel for the gods and performed a ritual to open a rift into the other reality in the Portsmouth Chapter House. Diego succeeded in summoning Yokoth, but Yokoth ate Diego and most of the others members before trying to summon her mate Glythur. The survivors managed to close the rift and bind Yokoth.
  • March 23, 1926 - Larry Ganem was born.[4]


  • 1932 - Jacob Karns's spirit influenced a clergyman to commit murder.[32]
  • 1936 - First record incident of the Colorado Wendigo claiming victims.
  • March 10, 1937 - H.P. Lovecraft opened a portal to Purgatory. Several creatures escaped, one of which possessed his maid Eleanor and thereafter called herself Dr. Eleanor Visyak. Another of the creatures killed Lovecraft five days later.[21]
  • 1939 - World War II began. War influenced a resurgence in militarism and conquest in Germany.[40]


  • Wesley Mondale's grandfather found the Tiamat Coin during the American involvement in the Battle of North Africa (1942-1943), and took it back to the United States as a souvenir.[42]
  • 1943 -The demon Alastair was present in German-occupied Poland.[43]
  • During World War II, The Judah Initiative battled with the Thule necromancers sponsored by the Nazis. A Golem raised by the Rabbis from the Vitsyebsk Ghetto lays wasted to a Thule base in occupied Belarus in 1944. Commander Eckhart completed a ritual and escaped before the Golem could catch him.[44]
  • Dean faced the God of Time who sent him almost sixty years back in the past from 2012. In 1944, Dean met Eliot Ness in Canton, Ohio, who briefly hired him as his colleague. Dean was briefly trapped in 1944 when Sam tried to find a way to pull him out and got revenge on Chronos.[45]
  • Kelly Duran (Brick Holmes) met Betsy (who would later pose as Eleanor Holmes), and began to write her letters.[19]


  • August 12, 1950 - Bobby Singer was born to Ed and Mrs. Singer.
  • 1954
  • In St. Louis, Missouri on March 8, 1957, Father Thompson of the Men of Letters performed the first of his attempts to cure a demon. He was assisted by Father Simon and their efforts recorded by Josie Sands. The first trial failed, with the demon escaping and its host getting killed by the failed cure.[27]
  • 1958
    • Constance Welch is born.
    • Mid-July - Peter Kent became possessed by a demon who forced him to eat his own children.[27]
    • August 3 - Father Thompson performed his nineteenth (and only known successful) trial of curing a demon on the possessed Peter Kent.[27]
    • August 5 - When the demons had learned of Father Thompson's demon-curing trials, they sent the Knight of Hell Abaddon to torture and kill Father Thompson to made him an example to others. Before he died, he divulged the basics of the demon-curing ritual under torture and told Abaddon about Josie Sands.[27]
    • 1958 Skirmish at St. Bonaventure Convent
    • Men of Letters Massacre of 1958
      • Battle for the Key
        • Henry Winchester and Josie Sands were meant to be inducted into the Men of Letters on August 12, 1958. However, Abaddon found Josie prior to the induction and possessed her to infiltrate the Men of Letters headquarters.[27] Seeking to steal the key to the Men of Letters bunker, she killed David Ackers, Ted Bowen, and an unnamed third man, permanently blinded Larry Ganem, and burned down the Men of Letters headquarters. Henry and Larry alone escaped the slaughter and thus they alone were the only surviving Men of Letters. Larry entrusted Henry with the key to the bunker and Henry traveled to 2013 to reach his by-then adult son John Winchester, but appeared in Sam and Dean's motel room instead. Abaddon pursued Henry into the future, where she killed him.[4] As a result of the time travel, Henry and Abaddon vanished without a trace from their time. John and his mother thought Henry left them, and she remarried to a mechanic and moved to Lawrence.[48] Meanwhile, demons assumed that Abaddon had been killed.[7]
    • 1959 - The Colorado Wendigo attacked a family of three in their cabin. It dragged the parents off into the woods and left their son, Shaw alive because he slept near the burning fireplace.


  • Peter Sweeney was bullied by the school bully who accidentally dunked him underwater for too long. Peter drowned and returned to haunt the lake years later.[49]
  • The Roosevelt Asylum riots took place and the chief doctor was killed.
  • The vampire Benny Lafitte fell in love with Andrea, and was killed by The Old Man. He spent the next fifty years in Purgatory.[50]
  • 1967
    • April 24 - the Impala rolled off the assembly line in Janesville, Wisconsin.[51]
    • Jacob Karns's spirit influenced a seminarian to kill several prostitutes.[32]


  • Cyrus Dorian drove up to the local church in a black truck, and ignited the church, killed a hundred children who were singing carols. Cyrus then was killed and his spirit thereafter traveled the roads on the truck he was buried in.[52]
  • Mary and John Winchester met in Lawrence, Kansas,[48] and a Cupid caused them to fall in love on Heaven's orders.[53]
  • October 1972 - After eons of searching, the Prince of Hell Azazel, who was loyal to Satan, found the gate to Lucifer's Cage in the convent in Maryland. Azazel killed several nuns to communicate with his creator who told him he needed him to free Lilith, so she can break the 66 Seals to his cage setting him free. He was also instructed to find a special child to kill Lilith and destroy the final Seal, and for Lucifer to use as a vessel.[54]
  • John fought in the Vietnam War before he returned to Lawrence in 1973.[48]
  • April 30, 1973 - Dean arrived after being sent back through time by Castiel from 2008. He advised John Winchester to buy the Impala. Azazel, still looking for Special Children to turn with his blood, appeared in the town. Dean tried to prevent Mary from making a deal with him by retrieving The Colt to kill him, but Azazel killed Mary's parents and succeeded in sealing the deal. Dean was transported back to the future before he can comfort Mary, leaving her to think he just left her.[48]
  • 1978 - The angel Anna traveled back from the year 2010 during The Apocalypse to kill Mary (by then pregnant with Dean) and John, so Sam will never be born and Lucifer cannot use him as his vessel. Sam, Dean, and Castiel went back in time to stop her, while Anna called Uriel down from Heaven to aid her, fooling him into thinking she was still his superior in the future. Michael went back in time to smite Anna and send Uriel back to Heaven. He talked to Dean before sending him and Sam back to 2010, and wiped Mary and John's memories of the events.[47]
  • January 24, 1979 - Dean was born.[55]


  • April 20 - Amelia Richardson was born.[56]
  • Sometime before Sam was born, John and Mary had a fight and John left home for a few days.[8]
  • 1981
    • April 23 - Constance Welch went insane after she found out that her husband cheated on her, and drowned her children. Gaining sanity destroyed her mind and she killed herself by jumping into a freezing river. Due to her actions, her spirit then became cursed to be a Woman in White.[57]
  • 1982 - The Colorado Wendigo killed eight people.
  • 1983
  • 1984
  • 1985
    • March - Anna Milton rebelled against Heaven, and removed her Grace so she could be reborn as a human. She fell to Ohio and her grace to Union, Kentucky. During the fall, she and her grace were mistaken for meteors. By September, a full-grown oak tree that already looked to be at least 100 years old had grown out of Anna's grace. Anna Milton was born in December.[43]
    • Charlie Bradbury was born to Gertrude Middleton and an unnamed father in.
    • Eileen Leahy was born to Padraic Leahy and Maura Leahy in Ireland.
  • 1987 - Mick Davies murders his best friend Timothy while attending Kendricks Academy.
  • Somewhere in between 1988 and 1994, Mr. Benson, one of Sam's grade school teachers, was possessed by one of Azazel's demons.[51]


  • Dean had the best hamburger of his life in a seaside shack in Delaware.[54]
  • John met Kate Milligan after hunting a ghoul and fathers a child with her, Adam.[60]
  • September 29, 1990 - Adam Milligan was born.[60]
  • 1991 - Molly McNamara died in a car crash when she hit and killed Jonah Greely. Her husband David survived the crash, but Molly and Jonah became ghosts, with Jonah tormenting Molly while she remained unaware of her real nature.[61]
  • 1992 - Renny Rawlings is born.
  • Somewhere in between 1991 and 1996, Kate took Adam to a playground on a day off, and he recalled it as a fond memory.[15]
  • Sam found out, to his dismay, that John is a hunter, and that the supernatural world exists.
  • Sam and Dean visited the Cleveland Botanical Gardens on a field trip.[8]
  • December 2, 1993 - Kevin Tran was born.[56]
  • November 24, 1994 - Sam attended Thanksgiving dinner at his friend Stephanie's house.[8]
  • At some point when Sam was a teenager, he disappeared for two weeks while under Dean's watch in Flagstaff, Arizona, living off pizza in a cabin and befriending a dog he called Bones. Dean scoured the whole town looking for him and worried he might have died, and John was furious when he found out.[8]
  • 1995 - Dean lived at Sonny's Boys' Home for two months after he was caught stealing. (John left Dean there when he learned that Dean lost the groceries money while he was out on a hunt.) While living there, Dean briefly dated a girl named Robin.[62]
  • July 4, 1996 - Sam and Dean celebrated Independence Day by themselves by lighting a bunch of fireworks in a field.[8]
  • 1997
    • Summer - Sam and Dean found a Werewolf and killed it. Sam used this hunt as his holiday project to write about at school later that year.[63]
    • Fall - Sam and Dean were dropped off at Truman High by John for several weeks while John went on an extended hunt. Sam went to school and was bullied, but he didn't know the bully (Dirk MacGregor, Jr.) was only mean because of life at home. When Sam called the bully "Dirk the Jerk" this is the last straw and when the whole school chanted that name, Dirk, the bully, killed himself soon after. Dirk returned to haunt the school, killed off people he thought are like Sam.[63]
  • 1998
    • Abbie sold her soul to a crossroads demon in a ten-year contract in exchange for her parents being killed in a car accident. After their deaths, Abbie inherited their vast fortune.[59] She ended up changing her name to Bela Talbot and became a thief and con-artist specialized in the occult.[37]
    • Sam befriended with Amy Pond but then realized she's a kitsune.[64]
    • August - Dean met Lisa Braeden on a solo hunting trip and they had a fling.[65]
  • May 1999 - Ben Braeden was born.[65]



  • Sam's prom date, Rachel, was possessed by one of Azazel's demons.[51] Sam later mentioned Dean had sex with her on their prom night.


  • Sam told John he wants college instead of a hunter's life. John told Sam if he leaves, he should never come back. Sam went off to college, and Dean experienced the worst night of his life. Sam didn't speak to Dean for three years.[8]
  • Kate Milligan contacts John and tells him of their son and a twelve year old Adam met John for the first time.[60]


  • The first murders committed by Constance Welch occur.
  • War influenced the War in Darfur to occur.[40]
  • Sam's college friend Brady was possessed by a demon during Thanksgiving on Azazel's orders. He pretended to have become addicted to drugs and a promiscuous lifestyle, and Sam tried to help him back on track.[66]



  • John Winchester was missing, in order to find him, Dean decided to contact Sam for support - it is the first time they spoke to each other in three years. Although Sam hesitated, he finally agreed to help him, leaving his girlfriend Jessica behind.
  • Brady killed Sam's girlfriend Jessica, enraged Sam decided to start to hunt again, abandon his life at Stanford University.
  • On the road they encountered a Wendigo, which they burned to death.


  • Around the 5th December 2005, the brothers made their first encounters with demons, one of them was responsible for air plane crashes. They were able to exorcise the demon.


  • Sam and Dean encountered the spirit of their deceased mother. Her spirit vanished and her soul was sent to Heaven.
  • Sam met Meg for the first time, however she did not reveal herself as a demon. Meg was ordered by Azazel to let them go, as he had still plans for them.
  • The brothers were reunited with their father when the demon Meg used a trap with the Daeva she controlled. However, the Daeva turned on her and throw her off the roof.
  • They were finally reunited with their father.
  • Battle for the Colt
  • Attack on the Holts
  • Attack at Bobby's House
  • Rescue at Sunrise Apartments
  • Sam and Dean realized that their father was possessed by Azazel, the demon who killed their mother and killed Jessica Moore and tore apart their family. The yellowed demon pins both of them to the walls using telekinesis and start to slowly kill Dean. John manages to take control of the demon for a few seconds, allowing Sam to grab the colt and shoot John in the leg. John collapses on the ground, holding back the prince of hell and orders Sam to shoot him in the heart. Sam could not bring himself to kill Azazel, as it would mean killing his own father. Azazel escapes and vanishes.
  • The three hunters rush to the nearest hospital, but they are struck by a truck driven by a demon, wounding all of them, Dean taking the most damage
  • Dean, close to death, meets a Reaper named Tessa, who tries to convince the wounded hunter to come with her.
  • Knowing that Dean will die of his injuries, John summons Azazel to make a deal with to heal Dean. John offers the colt, but Azazel wants to "sweeten the pot" and wants John's soul as well. John agrees and is killed and taken to Hell. Before Dean can make a decision, the reaper is possessed by the yellowed-eyed demon and Dean is fully healed.
  • John is tortured by a demon named Alastair for one year on Earth but over 100 years in Hell. Alastair gave John the option to be free of his own torment if he started torturing others. John never gave in to the offer.


  • Around 5 December 2006, Sam and Dean hunt a djinn. This djinn captures Dean and sends him to sleep, where Dean watches the news of the anniversary of the plane crash involving the demon they exorcized the year prior.


  • Azazel organized a duel between his special children in an isolated area, the best would eventually be Lucifer's vessel. Sam was killed, however Dean brought him back to life through a demon deal.
  • Destruction of Harvelle's Roadhouse
    • When Ash discovers Azazel's plans to release Lilith and the other demons, Azazel has his demons burn down the Roadhouse, killing Ash and everyone inside. Ellen Harvelle, luckily, survived because she was out buying pretzels at the time.
  • Battle of the Devil's Gate
    • Blackmailed by Azazel, Jake Talley opened the Gate to Hell built by Samuel Colt. Sam killed him shortly after. Among the demons that escaped hell as the gates were opened were Lilith as well as The Seven Deadly Sins. John Winchester's soul crawled out as well, temporarily restraining Azazel long enough so that Dean could gain control of the colt and effectively kill him.
  • Despite Dean's deal, he still enjoyed his life, as he had just 1 year left to until his soul goes to hell.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins brought havoc upon the earth, represented their attributes much like the horsemen.
  • After Azazel's death, Lilith took over Hell, eliminating all other rivals.
  • Sam met Ruby for the first time.
  • Sam, Dean and Bobby performed exorcisms on some of the Seven Deadly Sins, some were killed by Ruby with her Demon killing knife.
  • Ruby advised Sam to find out more about the friends of his mother, she revealed that she is a demon.
  • Bobby told Sam and Dean about Bela Talbot, a woman who steals supernatural items and learn she is the one who stole a cursed rabbit's foot from them.
  • A female demon revealed to Sam and Dean, that many demons actually believe in a higher power, Lucifer, who was once God's most beautiful and beloved angel.
  • Ruby helped Bobby in manufacturing new bullets for The Colt.
  • Sam summoned a crossroad demon and demanded to reverse Dean's deal, however that was beyond the power of the crossroad demon, Sam killed the Demon with the Colt.
  • Sam, Dean, and Bela investigated a case involving a ghost ship, everybody who sees the ship eventually dies. Due to Bela's idiopathic behavior, they developed an aversion for her, however she helped them to finally solve the case.



  • The Winchesters investigated a case involving 3 witches, the circumstances led to the old and powerful demon Astaroth. As Sam tried to shoot Astaroth with the Colt, she used her Telekinesis to stop the bullet in mid-air. Ruby arrived but was overpowered by Astaroth as well, however after being shortly distracted, Dean managed to kill her with Ruby's knife.
  • Ruby revealed that all demons were once human.
  • Lilith was mentioned to Sam and Dean for the first time.
  • Bela stole the Colt from Sam and Dean, thereupon they decided to hunt Bela.
  • Sheriff's Station Siege
    • Sam and Dean were tricked by Bela and the police arrested them. The police interrogated them, however one of the FBI agents was indeed possessed by a demon. Under Lilith's command the demons prepared to invade the police station. Meanwhile, Ruby arrived and claimed she knows a way to annihilate every demon in a radius of a mile. However the others rejected her plan as it required the heart of a virgin. Annoyed, Ruby left and they set up a trap for the demons by letting them in, locking all doors and mass-exorcise them. Shortly after Sam and Dean left the building, Lilith got in, slowly tortured all survivors and destroyed the police station in a powerful burst of white light.
  • Dean confronted Bela and asked for the Colt. However, Bela already has given the Colt to Crowley. Furthermore, Dean found out that Bela made a deal 10 years ago, involving the killing of her parents.
  • Bela was killed by Hellhounds.
  • Lilith sadistically tortured a family, she was already expecting Dean's arrival.
  • Dean was brutally killed by hellhounds, sending him to Hell. Lilith was unable to harm Sam in any way, even her Photokinesis shows no effect on him.
  • Alastair tortured Dean in Hell, he continuously asked Dean if he wanted to torture other souls.
  • Sam looked for ways to get Dean out of Hell, he captured and tortured Demons in order to interrogate them.
  • Ambush on Sam Winchester
  • Ruby tried to befriend Sam and rescued his life on several occasions, they finally ended up as couple.
  • Dean admitted to torture other deceased humans, since he could no longer handle the pain. Unbeknownst to him, he had broken the first of the 66 Seals, this allowed the others to be broken.


  • The angel Castiel was ordered by Heaven to drag Dean out of Hell when Dean broke the first Seal binding Lucifer captive.
  • Angels were allowed to reveal themselves to man for the first time in two thousand years.
  • Dean met the angel Castiel for the first time.
  • Sam trained his demonic abilities under the guidance of Ruby, but he kept this hidden from Dean.
  • Under Lilith's command, demons started to break the other seals in order to free Lucifer from his cage.
  • Michael let some angels support Sam and Dean in preventing the apocalypse. However, it was never his true intention to prevent Lucifer's release, he just wanted to avoid a rebellion among the lower angels like Castiel.
  • Castiel sends Dean back in time, to teach him a lesson about destiny.


  • Samhain was summoned around Halloween, breaking another seal. Sam later that same day exorcised him back to Hell.


  • Hunt for Anna Milton
  • Sam, Dean and Ruby help the fallen angel Anna Milton to regain her grace.
  • Capture of Alastair
    • The angels capture Alastair, and Dean is forced to torture him for information about the murders of seven angels by Castiel and Uriel.
  • Sam kills the high ranking demon Alastair with his special abilities.
  • Uriel is exposed as a follower of Lucifer who killed the other angels and tries to kill Castiel but Anna kills him.
  • Sam and Dean met the prophet Chuck, who unknown to them, is God himself. They recognized that everything he predicted actually happens that way. Lilith tried to make a deal with Sam as she knew that she herself is the last seal.
  • Sam and Dean meet their half-brother Adam Milligan who is a really ghoul who along with his sister killed the real Adam and his mother to get revenge on John for killing their parent. Sam and Dean killed the monsters and burned their brother's body.
  • Ruby further manipulated Sam into drinking demon blood so that he'd be strong enough to kill Lilith. Then, they started to look for Lilith. The angels imprisoned Dean but he convinced Castiel, that he should better help him stop the apocalypse which led to him rebelling. As they asked Chuck for Sam's current location, Raphael appeared and killed Castiel. Sam killed Lilith and Ruby revealed herself as a traitor after which Dean killed her.


  • Raising of Lucifer
    • The cage opened and Lucifer rose under immense emission of bright white light, God teleported the Winchesters out of danger. This marked the beginning of the apocalypse. Lucifer's very presence brings about various natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados and tsunamis. His surfacing also brings about the Whore of Babylon, the Horseman and the empowering of the Cambion.
  • Lucifer ordered the demon Abraxas to kill the family of Nick who would serve as a secondary vessel.
  • Lucifer started to mentally torture his secodary vessel, Nick. Nick eventually allowed the fallen archangel to use him as his vessel. Zachariah told Dean that he's Michael's true vessel, God resurrected Castiel.
  • Lucifer started to bind the horsemen to him, one of them, War, started to deceive humans and cause war between them. Sam and Dean finally cut War's ring of, therefore prevented him from doing more harm.
  • Dean and Castiel captured the archangel Raphael with holy oil. Raphael believed that God is dead and Lucifer had resurrected Castiel. Lucifer appeared in Sam's dreams and told him, that Sam's his true vessel.
  • Dean tells Sam he wants to never see him again.
  • Zachariah sent Dean to the alternate timeline in 2014, to show him what happens to the world if he continues to deny to become Michael's vessel. Dean met himself in 2014, the older Dean tried to convince Dean to say "yes" to Michael, but Dean refused. Later, Lucifer killed the older Dean and said that whatever Dean changes, he will always end up here. Lucifer vanished and Zachariah took him back to the present.
  • Sam and Dean met Jesse Turner, Castiel informed them, that Jesse will become the antichrist and at the peak of his power, Lucifer will use him to destroy all the angels with a single word. However, while Castiel failed to kill him and was transformed into a toy figure, the demon that produced Jesse failed to bring him to Lucifer due to the Winchesters intervention.
  • The Winchester brothers found out, that the Trickster was indeed the archangel Gabriel, he warned them that the apocalypse has long been foretold and they can't prevent it.
  • Sam and Dean met Crowley for the first time, he gave them the Colt and bullets. On the mission to kill Lucifer, they lost Ellen and Jo, they were killed by hellhounds under Meg's control. Anyway the Colt failed to kill Lucifer and he continued to bind and rise Death using a ritual, that requiered all humans in an entire town as sacrifice. He made the prediction, that Sam will say "yes" to him during the next 6 months. Castiel refused to work for Lucifer after meeting him for the first time,



  • Optimistically, Anna Milton tried to prevent Lucifer's victory by intending to destroy his vessel, Sam, on an atomic level and spread these trillions of atoms all across the galaxy. As Castiel hindered her from doing so, she traveled back in time to kill Sam and Dean's parents before Mary Winchester gave birth to them. However, Castiel sent Sam and Dean back in time as well but Anna defeated them with the help of Uriel. Finally Michael appeared from the future, killed Anna by merely touching her, sent Uriel back to Heaven, erased John and Mary's memories and sent Sam and Dean back to the present.
  • Famine was defeated by Sam, however, he used his demonic abilities to achieve this. More and more desperate, Dean locked Sam into the panic room and asked God for help.
  • On Lucifer's command, Death raised dead people, including Bobby's dead wife.
  • Sam and Dean were killed by angry hunters and, on Castiel's bidding, hoped to find God in Heaven in order to ask him for help only to found out, that God was unwilling to stop the apocalypse, as this is "not his problem". Dean lost all hope and Castiel lost faith in his father.
  • The Whore of Babylon was killed by Dean Winchester, something only a true soldier of heaven could accomplish. This indicated that Dean was finally ready to be Michael's vessel.
  • Dean sought a way to contact Zachariah but Sam and Castiel prevented him from doing so, meanwhile, Zachariah was setting up a trap for Dean, he ordered that their half-brother Adam must be resurrected. While Zachariah was able to lure Dean into his trap, he was killed by Dean Winchester, who no longer wanted to be Michael's vessel. Michael finally used Adam as his vessel, as Dean escaped again.
  • The pagan deities discussed the apocalypse and intended to kill Sam and Dean, because they are the vessel of Michael and Lucifer. Lucifer appeared and killed all the pagan deities except for Kali, who was rescued by Lucifer's younger brother Gabriel. Gabriel faked his death at the hands of The Devil. Gabriel recorded an important message for Sam and Dean on a video tape, giving them finally the necessary information how to stop the apocalypse.
  • Crowley helped the Winchesters to gain one of the horsemen's ring.
  • Lucifer wanted to mass infect humanity with the Croatoan Virus. However, Sam, Castiel and Bobby were able to prevent this with the help of Crowley. Meanwhile, Dean met Death for the first time. Death gave him his ring and explained how to use them. Death decided to spare Chicago from destruction since he likes the pizza there.
  • Battle of Stull Cemetery
    • Intending to trick Lucifer, demon blood empowered Sam invited Lucifer finally to use him as his vessel. Despite Sam's efforts, Lucifer quickly gained full control of Sam's body. Lucifer and Michael were ready for the battle of armageddon, but through the intervention of Dean, Bobby and Castiel, Sam overpowered Lucifer mentally, reopened the cage and dragged himself, Adam and the two celestial beings into the abyss. God resurrected Castiel for all his efforts and promoted him to a seraph, a higher class of angel.


  • Lucifer started to torture Sam.
  • Confident of his new powers, Castiel pulled Sam out the cage, however he was unaware that he was unable to free Sam's soul from the cage. Castiel then ceases contact with Sam by not answering his prayers.
  • Sam approached Bobby for answers but didn't get answers, so they decided not to tell Dean about his return.
  • Dean Winchester abandoned his former life as hunter and settled with Lisa Braeden.
  • After the defeat of Lucifer, Crowley and another demon approached the Prince of Hell Ramiel to take rule of Hell as is his right being one of the Princes of Hell. Ramiel is uninterested and suggests that Crowley take power for himself. Crowley agrees and gifts Ramiel the Lance of Michael and the Colt. However, Crowley's position was not that stable as other demons seek to overthrow him. He made some reforms in hell, changing hell's appearance significantly.
  • After Gabriel's faked death, the archangel yet again went into hiding with the help of the cloaking spell of Shaman Sergei. Gabriel later met with norse god Loki and his sons, Fenrir, Sleipnir and Narfi.
  • Loki blamed Gabriel for the death of his father at the hands of Lucifer. Out of vengeance the angered gods captured and sold the archangel to the Prince of Hell Asmodeus. Asmodeus began injecting himself with Gabriel's grace, imbuing himself with angelic powers. Gabriel remained in captivity for years, Asmodeus tortured him everyday.
  • Soulless Sam started to hunt.
  • Castiel met the Host of Heaven.
  • Raphael informed Castiel, the he expects Castiel to reopen the cage to free Lucifer and Michael in order to restart the apocalypse. As Castiel refused he beat him up.


  • Castiel intended to ask Dean for help, however Crowley appeared to Castiel and brought him a deal, the deal being that they find and torture monsters for the location to Purgatory, so they can use the monster souls for power and split them 50/50. Crowley needed them to keep his position as the king of hell and castiel needed them to fight Raphael and his angel followers.
  • Crowley resurrected Sam and Dean's grandfather Samuel Campbell and many of the Campbell Family to help search for Purgatory.
  • Castiel gained 50,000 souls from hell, this allowed him to start a war against Raphael. He banished Raphael temporarily and announced in front of many angels, that there will be no apocalypse again, therefore the civil war in heaven has begun.
  • Castiel built his angel army while he secretly worked with Crowley in order to find Purgatory.
  • Soulless Sam met a group of hunters guided by his grandfather.
  • Soulless Sam shot a woman named Robin during a hunt.


  • A group of Djinn's took revenge on Dean, this forced soulless Sam to interfere, and therefore Sam and Dean met for the first time in a year. However, Dean didn't knew that Sam had no soul.
  • Dean noticed that Sam is in some way different.
  • Skirmish at Balthazar's Mansion
    • Investigating a series of odd deaths, they advised Castiel for help, who informed them there is a civil war in Heaven and that some of Heaven's weapon had been stolen, they must relocate them to stop further deaths. During their investigations they located a young boy who sold his soul for one half of Moses staff and found out, that an angel called Balthazar is responsible for this. They found Balthazar at his mansion, but unknown to them, Raphael followed them as well. In the further course of events Balthazar destroyed Raphael's vessel with one of God's weapons and released the boy's soul.
  • Crowley was forced to return Bobby's soul.
  • Dean made his first experiences, how it is to live as a monster, in that case a vampire. However, he managed to reverse the procedure and realized that he put his girlfriend and her son in great danger.
  • With Castiel's help, Dean found out that Sam's soul is still in the cage.
  • Soulless Sam's behavior became more and more dangerous for everyone.
  • Crowley claimed that he could free Sam's soul from the cage, and convinced Sam and Dean to work for him.
  • Raid on Crowley's Monster Prison
    • Sam and Dean met Meg again, she helped them to locate Crowley's secret torture and research facility. Crowley admitted that he can't free Sam's soul and his bones were burned by Castiel. Unknown to Sam and Dean, Castiel had faked Crowley's death as he still needed him to find Purgatory.
  • Seeing no other way out, Dean contacted Death to retrieve Sam's soul. Death demanded that Dean should experience how it is to be Death and asked him to put on his ring. He didn't manage to pass Death's test, anyway Death was satisfied that Dean now recognized some parts of the true nature of the universe. Death traveled to Hell, freed Sam's soul and put it back to his soulless body. In order to protect Sam from memories of the horrific Lucifer's horrific torture, he placed a wall in Sam's mind.
  • Sam reawakened some time after Death had retrieved his soul but neither remembered what had happened in the cage nor what had happened during the last year. 
  • Eve escaped Purgatory with the help of some monsters. She began to bring havoc upon the world. 
  • The wall in Sam's mind started to break.
  • In order to deceive Raphael, Castiel and Balthazar sent Sam and Dean to an alternate universe. Through that, he was finally able to get all weapons of heaven. An angry Raphael was forced to flee since Castiel threatened to kill him.
  • The civil war in heaven went on, in order to increase his power, Castiel stole thousands of souls by changing the past. However, Atropos threatened him to kill Sam and Dean for this. Since he couldn't always protect them, he was forced to reverse his act and ordered Balthazar to re-sink the Titanic. 
  • Sam, Dean and Bobby found a way to kill Eve and with some difficulties, helped by Castiel and Samuel Colt, they finally obtained a weapon which can kill her. 
  • Eve experimented with humans to create a new and more powerful species of monsters, despite many failures, she was finally able to create a perfect new kind of monster, later called "Jefferson Starships".  
  • Sam, Dean, Castiel and Bobby finally had clues about Eve's whereabouts. As they arrived, the city seemed to be perfectly normal, however, they didn't recognize that they were all Jefferson Starships. Eve blocked Castiels power and claimed that Crowley is still alive. She said that she is building up a monster army to defeat Crowley for torturing her children and intending to steal all souls in Purgatory. Dean tricked her into biting him and therefore consuming phoenix ash, she died and Castiel killed the remaining Jefferson Starships in an burst of white light.  
  • Sam and Bobby started to become suspicious about Castiel's true intentions.  
  • Sam, Dean and Bobby found out, that Castiel and Crowley cooperate in order to find Purgatory. They caught Castiel in a circle of holy oil, confronted him with that and Castiel explained that all of his actions are necessary to stop Raphael from restarting the apocalypse. Furthermore, he confirmed that he pulled Sam out of hell but was unable to free Sam's soul as well. Merely convinced, Dean demanded that he should stop looking for the Purgatory but Castiel refused. Crowley and an army of demons appeared and freed Castiel.  
  • Kidnapping of Lisa and Ben
    • Crowley kidnapped Dean's girlfriend and her son to distract Dean. He managed to free them with Balthazar's help and despite their conflict, Castiel erased Lisa's and her son's memories on Dean's demand.  
  • Castiel finally found out how to open a portal to Purgatory, he teared down the wall in Sam's mind to ensure, that the Winchesters are distracted and don't come in his way.  
  • Sam was greatly influenced by his memories from hell, he fainted and Dean brought him into the panic room. There was an inner conflict inside Sam's mind.  
  • Castiel betrayed Crowley, he had no longer any intention to share the souls from Purgatory with him.  
  • Crowley talked to Raphael and they made a new deal, he granted Crowley immunity to Castiels smiting touch.  
  • Crowley and Raphael returned to Castiel, forcing him to flee. However, he gave them a false component to ensure they won't be able to open the portal to Purgatory, consequently their ritual failed.  
  • Castiel performed the ritual, he absorbed 30 - 40 millions of Purgatory souls, this made him nigh-omnipotent.  
  • Dean and Bobby arrived, Castiel told them, that he tricked them all, he already performed the ritual. A shocked Crowles fled, Castiel hindered Raphael from fleeing and destroyed him with a snap of his fingers. Meanwhile, Sam who is greatly affected by his horrific memories arrives, stabbed Castiel with an angel blade, but it had no effect at all since Castiel was no longer an angel.  
  • Castiel declared himself as the new God.  


  • Castiel effortlessly kills countless angels who followed Raphael, destroys the Madison Square Garden, heals some people, punishes a hypocrite priest and makes Crowley a new deal.


  • Sam suffers from his cage time memories.
  • Castiel starts to become unstable.
  • Sam, Dean and Bobby summon Death to kill Castiel, but he senses it and frees Death from the binding spell. He explains that Castiel's instability is based on the Leviathans, a race of ancient beasts and among God's first creations.
  • Death warps reality by causing a lunar eclipse to reproduce the necessary conditions that allows the portal to Purgatory to be opened again.
  • Escape of the Leviathans
    • Castiel, with the help of Bobby, Dean and Sam, returns the souls to Purgatory, regenerating his vessel. However, the Leviathans held on and gain control over him, killing him from the inside. This event officially marks the beginning of the Leviathan War.


  • The Leviathans leave Castiel after he began melting from their combined power and spread out to possess other humans, leaving only Castiel's trenchcoat, which is taken by Dean.
  • God resurrects Castiel, however Castiel doesn't remember his angelic identity. A woman finds him and brings Castiel to her home.
  • The Leviathans start to possess humans, their leader Dick Roman demands complete secrecy.
  • Dick Roman makes an agreement with the Alpha vampire, to share humans as resources between them.
  • Sam suffers from his hell-time memories, the hallucination of Lucifer starts to play mind games with him. On Dick's orders, Edgar shows up and tries to kill Sam and Dean, however they manage to get rid of him for a while by dropping a car on him. Despite this, Sam and Dean are badly wounded and forced to call for help.
  • The Leviathans set up a system that observes computer network activity like credit fraud to identify their enemies, especially Sam and Dean.
  • Dean wakes up in hospital with a broken leg, Sam, Dean and Bobby barely escapes Dr. Gaines.
  • Edgar is informed that their credit fraud surveillance software identified Sam and Dean, he orders Chet to track them.
  • Sam and Dean investigate a case involving a troubled couple of witches, Maggie and Don Stark. They are able to help them overcome their differences. Meanwhile, Chet surprises them and attempts to kill them, however Don Stark arrives and uses a powerful spell to temporary immobilize him.
  • Bobby researches for ways how to kill a Leviathan, he experiments on the immobilized Chet. By an accident, he finds out that they are vulnerable to Borax. However the chemical substance can't kill them.
  • In an attempt to cause trouble for Sam and Dean, Dick Roman decides to let two leviathans take their shape. The leviathan Dean and the Leviathan Sam commit crimes like mass murder and capture it on video, this leads to many problems for the brother since they are hunted by the police in the whole USA.
  • The brothers are able to stop their doppelgangers, however they are still searched all over the country.
  • Crowley tries to befriend with Dick Roman and encourages that his Leviathans should cooperate with demons. Dick Roman dismisses it and expresses his high hatred against demon, he claims that he would like wipe out all demons but has other business to do.
  • Crowley ensures that Sam and Dean are not occupied with hunting demons.
  • Sam, Dean and Bobby discover that the Leviathans manipulate food the change the behavior of humans, Dean is affected as well, he is in some kind of dream like condition, merely realizes important things.
  • The brothers and Bobby find out, that Dick Roman is the leader of the Leviathans, furthermore they investigate his research facility. Bobby gets caught and Dick interrogates him, Sam and Dean come to rescue him, however as they leave the building, Dick shoots Bobby in the head.
  • Bobby is killed by Dick Roman, but not before he passed on his message to Sam and Dean. He remains on Earth as a ghost.
  • Sam and Dean continue to research for ways, how to kill Dick Roman and what and what he intends to do, the paranoid Frank assists them.
  • The influence of Lucifer's hallucination on Sam's mind grows stronger, however Lucifer's hallucination helps Sam to solve a case.
  • Chronos warns Dean of Leviathans soon being everywhere.
  • As Sam begins to succumb to the hallucination of Lucifer, Castiel, under the name of Emanuel, is found by Dean. Dean travels to the hospital with Castiel, encountering Meg along the way.
  • Castiel kills the demons outside the hospital, restoring his memories. He also kills a demon torturing Sam and tries to rebuild the broken wall but fails. In one last attempt to save Sam and redeem himself, he takes on Sam's mental condition, saving Sam, at the cost of his sanity.
  • Hunt for Kevin Tran
  • Raid on Richard Roman Enterprises
  • Battle of SucroCorp
    • Dean kills the Leviathan Chief who possessed Dick Roman and he, alongside Castiel, are transported to Purgatory with Dick's soul.


  • Crowley and his demon army destroy the remaining Leviathans and he seizes the prophet Kevin Tran.
  • Dean later escapes from Purgatory with the assistance of a vampire named Benny. Benny asks Dean to save his soul and resurrect him, to which Dean eventually agrees.
  • Kidnapping of Future Prophets
    • Crowley kidnaps almost all of the future prophets and attempts to use them to read the Demon Tablet.
  • Castiel is presumed to have died in Purgatory but then an angel named Naomi summons Castiel to Heaven and announces that she and numerous other high-ranking angels saved him. Castiel is doubtful about whether to trust Naomi but agrees to keep in contact with her and his superiors from time to time.
  • Kevin Tran has escaped from Crowley and translated the Demon Tablet, giving the Winchester the ability to close the Gates of Hell forever. if they complete the Trials of God.
  • Battle of Prentiss Island


  • Battle for the Key (Part 2, 2013)
  • With Meg's assistance the Winchesters retrieve the Angel Tablet from Lucifer's Crypts, but Castiel goes AWOL with the Tablet after defying Naomi's orders. Crowley recaptures Kevin, and Naomi eventually gets her hands on Castiel again.
  • Rescue of Bobby Singer
    • As part of one of the trials, a reaper named Ajay allows Sam into Purgatory and tells him of a portal into Hell from there. Sam rescues Bobby Singer from Hell, and returns to Purgatory where Ajay was meant to be. Dean finds Ajay dead, killed by Crowley, and is warned by Naomi of his way into Hell being through Purgatory. Dean asks his vampire friend Benny Lafitte to die so that he may help Sam find the human portal out. Sam escapes with Bobby's soul, but Crowley stops it from going to Heaven. Naomi fights off Crowley and releases Bobby's soul, allowing the second trial to be completed: rescuing an innocent soul from Hell and sending it to Heaven.
  • Metatron is discovered hiding out on Earth, and rescues Kevin.
  • Attack on Saved People
  • Capture of Crowley
    • Sam and Dean make a deal with Crowley to trade the tablets in their possession in exchange for him to stop killing people they saved, specifically saving Jody Mills. The final trial to close the gates to Hell, being the need to cure a demon, Sam and Dean put Abaddon back together. She escapes, however, so when they go to make the trade with Crowley, they capture him instead. As Sam attempts to turn him human, "curing" him, he bites Sam and uses the blood to call for backup. Abaddon instead shows up and tells him that it was time to talk about a regime change. This began the war of Crowley and abaddon for control of Hell. Sam fought her off and continued on. However, Dean stops him, warning him of the fact that if he finishes, he dies.
  • Metatron manipulates the Winchesters and Castiel, kills Naomi, and banishes every angel from Heaven, who fall to Earth.




  • Crowley orders Dean to awake.
  • Dean becomes a demon.
  • Hunt for Dean Winchester
    • After Sam learns of Crowley leaving with Dean, he believes that Crowley has had him possessed. he tortures demons in search of Dean. Crowley and Dean live a life together, trying to convert Hell. However, Dean wants to kill people of his own accord. He fights Sam, who eventually binds him. Sam cures Dean with Castiel's help and Dean is now human again, but still suffering the Mark's effects.


  • Skirmish with Cain
    • Dean learns that Cain is killing off everyone who seceded from his bloodline. Along with Sam, Castiel, and Crowley, Cain is trapped. Crowley gives Dean the First Blade, which he uses to kill Cain. He then betrays Crowley by giving Castiel the blade to hide it instead of him.
  • Ambush of Crowley
  • Charlie Bradbury is killed by Eldon Frankenstein.
  • Dean summons Death and Death reveals the history of the Mark of Cain and the entity it binds.
  • Death offers to help Dean contain the Mark, but he must kill Sam. Dean changes his mind at the last minute and kills Death instead.
  • Rowena successfully casts the spell that removes the Mark, and the Darkness is unleashed.
  • Rowena betrays Crowley by leaving him to die at the hands of a brainwashed Castiel. Crowley manages to survive the encounter and return to his original vessel.
  • The Darkness takes the form of a newborn child named Amara.
  • Rabid Infection of Superior, Nebraska
  • Amara begins eating the souls of humans and demons to grow and strengthen herself.
  • Sam, Dean, Rowena and Crowley contact Lucifer and summon him to Limbo.
  • Escape of Lucifer
  • Lucifer reclaims the throne of Hell.


  • Chuck Shurley reveals himself to be God to Metatron, and later Sam and Dean.
  • Rescue of Lucifer
    • Sam, along with Metatron and the prophet Donatello Redfield, go to a building where Amara has captured Lucifer and locked him up. Dean distracts Amara while they rescue Lucifer. As they go to escape, Amara returns, and Metatron stays behind to slow her down. Amara kills him and attacks the group, now on the road. God then teleports the Impala with Sam, Donatello, and Lucifer inside to the bunker.
  • God battles the Darkness with the help of Lucifer, the Winchesters, witches, demons and angels, but is defeated and left to die.
  • The Darkness and God reconcile and leave Earth.
  • Mary Winchester is resurrected by Amara.
  • Sam meets Toni Bevell and is temporarily kidnapped and tortured for information by her.
  • Sam, Dean, Castiel and Mary reunite.
  • Adolf Hitler is resurrected by the Thule Society but is killed shortly afterwards by Dean. All the Thules involved in his resurrection also die.
  • Lucifer possesses rock star Vince Vincente and causes his death along with his bandmates.
  • President Jefferson Rooney briefly becomes Lucifer's vessel.
  • Lucifer's child is conceived.
  • Reimprisonment of Lucifer
    • Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley and Rowena MacLeod team up and banish Lucifer from the President using a high-powered excorcism device designed by the British Men of Letters. Rowena then does a spell to send him back to the cage. However, Crowley alters the spell, sending him to his old vessel, Nick, that Crowley altered so that Lucifer would be his prisoner.
  • Sam and Dean are arrested by the Secret Service and spend three months in prison.


  • Sam and Dean escape captivity from Site 94.
  • Castiel kills Billie, inciting "cosmic consequences". Billie is later reincarnated as the new Death.
  • Mary Winchester joins the British Men of Letters.
  • Project V
    • When the BMoL begin an extermination of vampires from the Midwest, Arthur Ketch brings Dean to the final nest in the region to kill them: an abandoned factory in Wichita, Kansas. When they arrive, they discover the vampires are gone except for one, who reveals that they went to "hunt the hunters". Ketch and Dean realize they are attacking the BMoL compound.
  • Raid on the British Men of Letters compound
    • When Mary tries to convince Sam to join the British men of Letters, the Alpha Vampire leads an attack of vampires that survived Project V to attack their compound, effectively trapping Sam, Mary, Mick Davies, and some other British operatives inside. As they attack, Mick reveals their possession of The Colt. Sam and Mick create more bullets for it as hunter Pierce Moncrieff reveals he has been working for the Alpha and allows him inside. Mick and Sam fake a fight so that Sam can load The Colt and kill the Alpha. Sam then decides to sign on with the British Men of Letters.
  • Gavin returns to 1723 and Fiona Duncan's victims return to life.
  • Ramiel, a Prince of Hell, is killed with the Lance of Michael.
  • Dagon begins protecting Kelly Kline and her unborn child.
  • Skirmish at the Heavenly Portal
    • Castiel rescues and attempts to take Kelly Kline to Heaven with the help of Joshua. Dagon appears and kills Joshua. When she attempts to kill Castiel, the unborn child, Jack empowers Castiel through Kelly. Castiel takes control of Dagon and burns her to dust.
  • Renny Rawlings is accidentally killed by Eileen Leahy.
  • Mick Davies is killed by Arthur Ketch on the orders of Doctor Hess.
  • The British Men of Letters begin killing off American hunters, one of which is Eileen Leahy.


  • After a couple of months, Lucifer escapes from Crowley's prison.
  • Assault on the British Men of Letters compound
    • The American hunters fight back against the British Men of Letters and succeed in assassinating all members. They subsequently destroy the British Men of Letters compound.
  • The impending birth of the Nephilim causes a rift to open.
  • Rowena MacLeod and Castiel are killed by Lucifer.
  • Crowley sacrifices himself to imprison Lucifer in an alternate dimension. Mary ends up trapped the alternate world with Lucifer as well.
  • Lucifer's son, Jack, is born, at the cost of his mother's life on May 18th.
  • Hunt for Barthamus' bones
    • The new King of the Crossroads, demon Barthamus, contacts Dean to give him a Nephilim tracking spell. In exchange, he must retrieve his remains, unbeknownst to Sam and Dean, from an occult item collector named Luther Shrike. With the help of Barthamus' operatives, a demon named Grab and a girl named Alice who sold her soul to him, they find and make off with the trunk, after Luther kills Grab. When Luther attacks Sam, Dean, and Alice, he has them open the trunk to see the bones. Luther explains that he sold his soul to Barthamus for his sons life, only for his son to drown later on. Barthamus said there was nothing he could do about it. To keep himself from being killed, he made his property a place he could never die on. Barthamus shows up and beheads Luther, killing him and grabbing Alice. When he tells her to grab his bones, she instead lights them, killing him and destroying the tracking spell in the process.
  • Mary Winchester says that Jack is supposed to be six months old, and is confused as to why he looks all grown up. Considering Jack was born May 18, 2017, which was subsequently the date of the season 12 finale, this would put the Winchesters at November or early December in their timeline.
  • Attack on the Human Colony (Apocalypse World)
    • Having been sent to Apocalypse World, Jack is captured by Michael's forces. The Archangel intends to use him to open a rift and cross over to the prime world to launch an invasion. Jack escapes with Mary Winchester and they are found by Bobby and taken to his colony. Bobby discovers Jack's heritage and exiles him. Angels led by Alternate Zachariah are dispatched to procure Jack and attacked the area. Jack then kills Zachariah and reinforcements who were also sent.


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  • In January, the Nephilim Jack Kline is resurrected by Death to hunt down the remaining Grigori who have been feasting on humans. Jack also devoured their hearts in order to increase his own strength for the purpose of killing God. After being captured, Jack is rescued by Castiel and reunites with the Winchesters who he tells of his mission. [68][69]







  • On October 30th, Samhain will be capable to be summoned again, 600 hundred years after the last time he was summoned on Earth.[14]

Split Timeline: 1973 (Mary refuses Azazel's deal)

  • John remains dead and Mary continues her life as a Campbell.
  • Dean and Sam Winchester are never born.
  • Death was locked away and Reapers were enslaved by angels.
  • Michael's and Lucifer's war caused an EMP type of blast to occur over North America, frying all technology and power plants.
  • Michael fights and kills Lucifer.
  • The world falls into ruin in a war between demons and angels with humans fighting on the sidelines. One of the remaining humans in Bobby Singer.
  • Azazel kills Mary Campbell.
  • Daniel Singer, Bobby's son is abducted and killed by angels.
  • Monsters slowly became primitive and devolved from a steady food supply of humans.

Split Timeline: 2014 (The Apocalypse)

  • It is now five years into the Apocalypse which had inadvertently been started by Sam when he accidentally released Lucifer. By now Earth is a wreck, humanity is almost extinct, and many millions of humans are infected with the Croatoan Virus. Those uninfected, including a human Castiel, remain isolated and in hiding. Dean is flung into this future by the angel Zachariah so Dean can witness what happens when he refuses to allow the Archangel Michael to use him to defeat Lucifer. As a result, Dean is tormented when he witnesses his future self being murdered - By none other than Lucifer, who has possessed Dean's own brother Sam.[71]

[Note: Fortunately this Apocalypse was averted when Dean destroyed the Croatoan Virus and Sam fought back against Lucifer and trapped him once again in the Cage]

Split Timeline: 2017 (Fiona's ghost)

  • Gavin fails to have one final conversation with Fiona because Abaddon kidnaps him. When Fiona fails to find Gavin, she assumes he's leaving without her and stows away on board his ship, where she suffers rape and torture by his crew which is encouraged by the teach on board. She dies when the ship sinks and her locket is salvaged from the wreckage. Her spirit returns in 2017 and kills various teachers in retaliation to what her own teacher did on board the ship.

[Note: This timeline is undone when Gavin returns to 1723, allows Fiona to get on board the ship, and stays with her and protects her, preventing her from becoming a vengeful spirit. Fiona's victims in 2017 return to life, as if they never died.]

Split Timeline: 2019 (John Winchester in 2019)

  • Because of Dean's attempt to use the Baozhu to get rid of the Apocalypse World Michael, he inadvertently pulls John Winchester forward in time to 2019 from 2003. As a result, John's disappearance from the past results in Sam never returning to hunting and becoming an Internet famous corporate lawyer, Dean remaining a hunter but wanted by the police, Castiel still an unquestioning and loyal soldier of Heaven, Zachariah still alive and Mary Winchester still dead as the war with the Darkness never happened. Additionally, the Apocalypse never happened in this timeline with Zachariah noting that Heaven had "big plans" for the Winchesters that were foiled by John's disappearance.

[Note: This timeline is undone when John returns to 2003, seemingly thinking that his experience was only a great dream. With John returned to his own time, all of the changes made by his disappearance are undone.]


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