Time is fluid Dean. It's not easy but we can bend it on occasion.

Chronokinesis is the ability to manipulate the passage of time, including stopping time, speeding it up, or travelling through it to end up in the past or an alternate future. 

Time Travel

Time-travel is a highly advanced chronokinetic method for transporting someone either back or forward in time. Angels can achieve it, and according to Castiel, it's not easy to perform, but for Archangels it's incredibly simple. Angels who have been disconnected from Heaven have a very difficult time doing it, and it can be quite damaging to the de-powered angel.

Time-travels So Far.....

Gabriel Creates a Time Loop

In 2008, Gabriel, acting as The Trickster, let Sam witness the same day over and over again. On each day Dean died. After many days of this, he was discovered by the brothers, but decided to resume Sam's life after Dean was killed once more, however this time he stayed dead. Only a few months later Gabriel decided to set Sam back to the first time and let him live his life further. Gabriel said that he wanted to teach Sam a lesson about losing his brother.

Dean sent back to 1973

In 2008, Castiel brought Dean back to the year 1973. Here he met his parents, John Winchester and Mary Campbell. Castiel told Dean "to stop it" but Dean didn't know what he meant. When Dean infiltrated in the Campbell family, he found out that Azazel was after Mary. When Azazel killed John, Mary decided to make a deal with him. When Castiel travelled Dean back to 2008, Castiel told that Dean could never have stopped it, that he just wanted let Dean know what he knows.

Dean sent to the future

In 2009, Zachariah brought Dean to the future (2014) so he could see what would have happened when he said "no" to Michael. Dean learned that the Croatoan Virus was spread and that the world basically ended with Sam as the vessel to Lucifer. After Dean confronted Lucifer, Zachariah returned him to his own time where this future was changed when Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel defeated Lucifer.

Anna, Castiel, Dean and Sam sent back to 1978

In 2010, Anna travelled back in time to kill Mary Winchester, so Sam could never be born. After Castiel found out about this, he travelled back with Sam and Dean to stop her. Castiel was weakened by the time travel and could not join the brothers on their mission to stop Anna. During the mission, Michael killed Anna and erased the memory of John and Mary so that they would never remember their sons visiting them. Michael sent both the brothers back to the future. Eventually, Castiel travelled back to the present on his own.

Balthazar unsinks the Titanic

Balthazar on Titanic
In 2011, Balthazar goes back in time and saves the Titanic on Castiel's orders. This created 50,000 new souls to be used. When Sam and Dean asked why, Balthazar answers he hated the movie and the Celine Dion song made him want to smite himself. This unleashes Fate though and she begins to kill off descendants of the Titanic survivors. In addition to altering reality (e.g. Ellen is alive and married to Bobby). Balthazar eventually fixes it and re-sinks the Titanic.

Sam and Dean go back to get Phoenix Ashes

In 2011, after doing some digging in Samuel's library, Dean finds out that using phoenix ashes, Eve can be killed. So with the help of Castiel, Sam and Dean head back to the Wild West. The are brought back by Castiel after killing the Phoenix with The Colt but before they could gather the ashes. However, Samuel Colt packages up the ashes and it's delivered to Bobby's house in the future, making the mission a success.

Dean tackles Chronos back to 1944

In 2012, Dean chases a man killing people by rapidly aging them. He tackles this man and finds himself in Chicago in 1944. There he meets Elliot Ness, who happens to be a hunter. The two of them go after Chronos, and Dean is brought back by Sam and Jody summoning Chronos while he was wresting with him.

SPN 0171

Henry Winchester comes from 1958

In 1958, Henry Winchester, John's father, and Sam and Dean's grandfather, used a spell to come forward to 2013 to escape Abaddon, however the demon followed him, presumably through the same spell.

Abaddon goes back to 1723

In 2014, Abaddon, using the same spell Henry Winchester used to get in 2013, goes back to Scotland in 1723 to get Crowley's son Gavin MacLeod so she could use him as a bargaining chip. After Dean Winchester kills Abaddon, he and his brother Sam intend to return Gavin to his own time so that his presence won't mess with history, but Crowley refuses and teleports him away to live a new life in the present, uncaring of the consequences.

Dean goes back to 1943

After discovering Delphine Seydoux's mission to retrieve the Hand of God, Sam and Dean call upon what they believe to be Castiel but is in fact Lucifer for help. Dean suggests going back in time to 1943 before the Bluefin sank to retrieve the Hand of God. While Lucifer is able to get Dean onto the Bluefin, a special warding keeps him outside of the ship. Dean is able to convince Delphine to give him the Hand of God, but the Bluefin comes under attack by a Nazi warship commanded by one of the Thule. Delphine unleashes the power of the Hand of God, destroying the Bluefin and the Nazi ship as Lucifer returns Dean to the present.

After banishing Lucifer, Sam and Dean discuss the events on the Bluefin and Dean tells Sam that he did nothing but witness the events on the ship. Dean asks Sam what happened to the Nazi ship after he returned to the present and Sam confirms that it sank as its wreckage was found, unlike that of the Bluefin with a giant hole ripped through it.

Gavin returns to 1723

After discovering the vengeful spirit of Fiona Duncan, the Winchesters and Gavin MacLeod learn she became vengeful after she was brutalized on the Star without Gavin there to protect her due to his displacement in time by Abaddon. To save Fiona and reverse her murders, Gavin has the Winchesters use the Blood Sigil to return him and Fiona's ghost to 1723 to board the ship together and die together. After Gavin returns to his own time, the Winchesters find evidence that Fiona's victims are alive and well.

John Winchester travels to 2019

After finding the Baozhu amongst Terry's extensive collection of occult items, Dean attempts to use the wish-granting pearl to get rid of Michael. However, Dean's greatest desire is to see his family reunited, causing the Baozhu to transport John Winchester from 2003 to February 7, 2019. The Winchester Family is happily reunited, but John's disappearance in 2003 alters the timeline, creating a timeline where Sam runs his own law firm, loves kale and is Internet famous, Dean is still a hunter but is wanted for multiple crimes, Mary Winchester remains dead, the Apocalypse and all subsequent events never happened Zachariah is still alive and Castiel is still an unquestioning and loyal soldier to Heaven. Sam, Dean and Mary remain intact as the timeline shifts, but it is expected that Mary will eventually fade away and Sam and Dean will eventually fully become their alternate selves.

Heaven detects the tampering with time and send Zachariah and Castiel to investigate, leading to a fight between the Winchesters and the alternate Zachariah and Castiel. The Winchesters manage to kill Zachariah and banish Castiel, but the fight highlights for them the dangers of having altered time by bringing John to 2019. The Winchester Family decides that they must return John to 2003 to set things right. Sam destroys the Baozhu, returning John to his own time and immediately erasing the alternate timeline from existence with only Sam, Dean and Mary remembering it. Upon awakening in 2003, John is left thinking that the entire experience was just a great dream.

Characters with Chronokinesis

Characters with Time Travel abilities



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