Christoph Nauhaus is the son of Commandant Nauhaus.

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Christoph was born in 1994 to Commandant Nauhaus, a high-ranking member of the Thule Society. Trained to become a good and worthy heir, Christoph served the Thules along with and under his father. He was well-informed about many of the Thules' secrets, and was highly trusted with them.

Season 12 Edit

In 2016, the Thules have located the pocket watch containing Adolf Hitler's soul. Once they've obtained it from an antique shop, they move on to capturing one of Adolf Hitler's descendants, Ellie Grant. Christoph joins his father in hunting her down, and though she manages to escape the first time, the second time, Christoph captures her by forcing her into a police car.

As he drives off, Ellie screams against the window for help, alerting Sam and Dean Winchester, who then go after them. The brothers manage to intercept him inside a garage and rescue Ellie. He is taken elsewhere and tied to a chair, where the brothers interrogate him. Although he refuses to speak out of fear of being killed, Dean gives him no choice when Dean himself threatens to shoot him right there.

Christoph reveals his heritage and his father's involvement in saving Hitler from committing suicide. He talks about the pocket watch and how the Thules have been tracking it down. He explains their intention to resurrect the Führer. When he adds that the Führer's vessel must be someone related to him, Sam is skeptical, but Christoph points out that Ellie is one of the Führer's descendants.

Ellie is in disbelief, but Christoph convinces her by talking about important moments in her life, finishing off by remarking about her habit of running away, which she promptly does. Dean and Sam decide to leave him there while they go comfort Ellie, but soon after, Nauhaus and two Thules enter the room and free Christoph. Dean and Sam are able to defeat the Thules, but Ellie escapes through a window, only to be captured by Nauhaus shortly after.

In the car with his father and Ellie, Christoph is reprimanded for giving away the Thules' secrets. Nauhaus is very disappointed, and once they reach an airplane hanger, Nauhaus orders his son's execution. Christoph is dragged away and forced to turn his back on Fritz, who is prepared to shoot. Fritz however, is briefly distracted, enabling Christoph a chance to disarm him and shoot him dead.

Christoph flees to where Sam and Dean are, and insists he is now on their side. He talks about how he tried to please his father but that it was never enough, and this appears to win the brothers over, due to their own issues with their father John. Christoph leads them to where his father has Ellie kept, but is forced to remain in the car while the brothers go rescue her.

After they succeed, they advise Christoph to keep his head low, and they bid him a friendly farewell.

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