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Christine Barker is the sheriff who encounters Jack.


Sheriff Christine gets a call from her son Clark alerting her to the presence of a naked, confused man at his work place. Sheriff Christine responds by taking the man to her office. The man, who says his name is "Jack", is given clothes to wear and has his fingerprints examined. Christine also asks Jack questions, but Jack only knows that his mother is in Heaven and he needs to find his father.

While checking out the scans of Jack's fingerprints, Christine notes that they look odd, but she is distracted by the lights of the room flashing. She heads to where Jack and Clark are and though apprehensive, she finds the pair sitting on the floor eating candy bars. Jack tells her that he likes nougats.

Everything appears to be fine until Jack suddenly suffers from headaches. He reacts violently and sends Sheriff Christine flying into the vending machines. Jack leaves the room and runs into Sam and Dean Winchester. Christine recovers in time to find that the Winchesters have knocked Jack out using a taser. She demands to know what is going on.