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Chloe was a friend of Ray McAnn and Chris.


One night, Chloe joins Ray, Chris and another girl around a campfire. Chris begins telling a ghost story about a woman named Jenny Greentree. He uses a flashlight to make his face look scarier, to Chloe's amusement.

When Ray mocks the story Chloe angrily tells him to shut up. Chris shines his flashlight onto a nearby tree to reveal the letters "JG" carved into them. He uses this as proof that the story of Jenny Greentree is real since Jenny carved her initials into that tree right before she died.

Chloe becomes curious about how Jenny died and learns that Jenny froze to death right beneath that tree during a blizzard. Chris adds that Jenny's evil spirit has been haunting these woods ever since. Almost immediately after he says this, Ray pokes Chloe and startles her, much to her annoyance.

The four are suddenly interrupted when a bottle smashes against the tree. All four jump at the sound. Trevor McAnn, Ray's brother, reveals himself and mocks their reaction. Ray admonishes Trevor for driving all the way here while visibly drunk. Trevor ignores him but suddenly hears a strange noise. He then urges everyone to run before running away himself.

Chloe asks Ray what drug his brother was on, only for the sound of Trevor screaming in the distance to interrupt any answer. Ray runs off to look for Trevor, leaving his friends behind. Ray soon discovers Trevor's corpse.

The next morning, Chloe and the girl are talking outside a restaurant. A man named "Garth" approaches them to ask about Trevor. The girls initially make fun of him until Garth reveals a badge. Both girls admit that Trevor was "super-drunk" at the sametime, leading Garth to question the girl first, who blames Trevor's death on Jenny Greentree. Chloe doesn't since she considers Jenny Greentree to be just a "dumb legend."

The girl informs Garth that Jenny Greentree really did exist and is buried in the local cemetery, leading Garth to salt and burn Jenny's bones.

That night, Ray is sitting in his car with a bottle of alcohol beside him. He plays a voice message left by Chloe, asking him where he is and insisting he should be with his family. She begs him not to do anything stupid.

Ray, who is becoming increasingly drunk, ignores her pleas and stumbles into the woods with a rifle. He is ultimately killed by a Shōjō.



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