Chip Harrington was the mayor of Charming Acres, Arkansas and was a unique and exceptional awakened psychic.



At an unknown point, Chip became the mayor of Charming Acres, Arkansas. Chip maintained the old ways strongly, even if they were currently deemed a very outdated lifestyle by many. This also applied in his running of the town. Eventually, when the main town mill closed down, the town started dying. Finally, when modernization came, the town could not cope with such change, people moved away and loathed the town, leading to the town's failure.

Some time later, his wife died of unknown causes. Grief-stricken and stressed, he somehow awakened his psychic power. He tapped into people minds and screamed to them for order and "make things better". Surprisingly, he learned that he could control the town's population the next day. Starting by moving people to his milkshake house, he was finally able to expand his influence, encompassing the population and passerby. Due to his sheer amount of power and his overconfidence about it, he later developed a kind of God complex, forcing people to follow his ideals and killing any person that turned against him. Despite his great power, he could not extend it to his daughter Sunny Harrington and believed she was more like him. Chip told only his daughter of his powers and things in the town.

When Conrad Martin decided to flee from the town. Chip activated the fail-safe he planted inside Conrad's mind, and exploded his head after he escaped town.

Sam Winchester and Castiel came to Charming Acres, Arkansas to investigate. They encountered Chip in his milkshake house. He also gave them the address to Conrad's former residence. Here, Sam became his latest victim and started to act strange. Castiel found some secret correspondence between Conrad and Sunny here, finding the first clue about what happened in the town.

After Sam fell victim to Chip's powers, Castiel continued the investigation alone. He encountered Sunny in the milkshake house and asked about the truth behind the strange occurrences in the town. Sunny initially refused to help but after Castiel threatened to strip the truth away from her mind, Sunny was forced to tell that it was her father that was losing his sanity. Chip then arrived on the scene with Sam and several others, before Sunny could reveal more. Chip told Castiel about the town's history and its crisis in the modern day, as well as how he awakened his power after being grief-stricken and stressed. Chip claimed he did all of it for the sake of protecting his beloved town and its ways. He believed this was just, since he was maintaining the happiness of its residents. Chip then inquired as to why his powers wouldn't work on Castiel, who explained it was because he wasn't human like his other victims. Chip was amused and turned his sights on his daughter, while remarking on her telling of his plans. Unable to hear more from her father, Sunny escaped from the milkshake house, while Castiel dealt with Sam and Chip's men.

After successfully defeating Chip's men and breaking his control of Sam, Castiel and Sam together tried to stop Chip. However, Chip was quite powerful and managed to defeat them both by telekinesis. Chip nearly killed Sam by exploding his head. Before Chip successfully carried out this act, Sunny unleashed her suppressed psychic powers, negating Chip's own powers and saving Sam. Surprised, a gleeful Chip said that's her true power and her likeness of him was really coming into life. Sunny denied that and managed to shove him away deeper into his own mind. Castiel confirmed to a worried Sunny that her father was still alive but is now living his own version of happiness in his mind, to her satisfaction. This act mentally incapacitated Chip permanently, effectively neutralizing his influence over the town.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chip was a very powerful psychic before being finally sealed away in his subconscious by his daughter, Sunny.

  • Mind Control - Chip possessed a very strong form of mind control. With his power, he can impose his ideals and way of thinking onto the population and passersby.
  • Biokinesis - He can blast the heads of his victim, either by a gesture or by predetermination, if in case his victim realized the illusion and tried to escape from the town.
  • Telekinesis - He can telekinetically throw away his enemy by simple gesture. He also can immobilize his victim with a finger gesture. In combination with his biokinesis ability, he also can remotely kill his victims.


  • Angels - Chip's power cannot affect higher beings like angels.
  • Stronger Psychic - Stronger Psychics like Sunny cannot be affected by his powers. They can override his mind control over the victim and defeat him. Sunny defeated him by shoving him deeper to his own mind, making him brain-dead but still living in his memories, shut away from any possibility of returning.
  • Memory Recall - Despite his mind controlling power being nearly perfected, it still has a loophole. By reminding his victims about the intense memory of their lives, the victim can break the mind control.



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