I'm not scared of you. You can't stop me. You can't stop any of us. We can't be killed, you stupid little chew toys.

Chet was a Leviathan who had taken the form of a credit card company employee.

Season 7

The Girl Next Door

Leviathan 3

Chet prepares to eat the store employee.

Chet was on the phone when Sam's credit card alias popped up. He calls Edgar to inform him on the Winchesters. Edgar tells him to look for them. Looking at the location it was used, Chet heads to there. When he gets there, he ties up the shop owner and reviews the security feed, and sees that Sam Winchester was there. He calls Edgar once again to let him know about this and that he's on his way to start pursuing Sam and Dean. After the call, he turns to the tied up owner, and mentions how everything tastes better with cheese. He grabs the hot cheese bin and pours it all over the owner and eats him.

Shut Up, Dr. Phil


Chet stunned by Don's spell.

Chet is still tracking the Winchesters. He tells his boss this as he stops for groceries. He puts them in the truck where he is also keeping a dead body. He soon heads to Prosperity, Indiana. Chet finds the Winchester's motel room and ambushes them there. Dean shoots him, but it has no effect on him. Chet throws Dean across the room, and starts choking Sam. Then the witch Don Stark arrives and stuns Chet with a spell. Although Don originally came to stop his wife Maggie Stark from taking her revenge on the Winchesters.

Don tells the Winchesters, that the spell will only last for a couple of days and advises them to throw Chet into a bottomless pit. Chet is soon tied up, thrown in the Impala to be taken to Bobby.

Slash Fiction

SPN 0109

Chet tied up in Bobby's basement.

Chet is tied up in the basement of Bobby's hide away, and Bobby attempts to torture the Leviathan to get information out of him, but has no luck. He reveals that he traced all of Sam and Dean's known aliases using heuristic algorithms to find them. Plus he find the names of them from Castiel's mind when the Leviathans were inside him. He reveals to Sam and Dean that Edgar is still alive even after they dropped a car on him. He also tells them that Edgar is "a little mad at them", he also reveals that the Winchester clones were able to turn into them due to old hair found by Dr. Gaines in the motel shower drains. When Bobby attempts to get more information, he accidentally touches Chet and he turns into Bobby.

Chet Bobby Form and Borax

Chet - in the form of Bobby - is affected by Borax.

As Bobby, Chet starts looking Bobby's thoughts and then taunts him. Then something from the ceiling drips on Chet's arm and starts eating away at his flesh. Chet screams in pain, and Bobby rushes upstairs to see what is leaking through the floor. He finds Jody Mills cleaning the floor with a solution containing Borax (sodium borate). Bobby later gives Chet's head to Jody and asks her to toss it in the river and says he plans to bury the rest of Chet's body in cement.

Powers and Abilities

  • Powerful Jaws - Chet possessed a set of large retractable jaws capable of eating all humans.
  • Possession - Chet can forcibly take over a human body, and unlike most creatures, there is likely no exorcism that can force him from his vessel, as he is a Leviathan.
  • Super Strength - As a Leviathan, Chet was very strong, being much mightier than monsters, demons and even angels. In one instance, he just walked in and easily took down Dean and Sam and would've killed them both had Don Stark, a nine-hundred year old witch, not incapacitated him with a lightning-bolt.
  • Invulnerability - As a Leviathan, nothing could kill Chet except for the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen, and he is highly resistant to pretty much anything else.
  • Shapeshifting - As a Leviathan, he can shapeshift into anyone he touches and absorb their skills and memories.


  • Borax - Borax is capable of burning Chet's skin and causing great pain.
  • Decapitation - Decapitation can neutralize him temporarily, but it will reattach itself to the body if it's not put somewhere.
  • Magic - Chet was vulnerable to magic and could be rendered unconscious by a spell.
  • Higher Leviathans - Chet was subservient and was clearly terrified of higher-ranking Leviathans such as Edgar and Dick Roman.



  • Chet is the first Leviathan to be beheaded and to be attacked with Borax.
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