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Chester Johnson was a children's party performer accused of child molestation who became a vengeful spirit after death.


Chester was the brother of Rita Johnson and uncle to her son Max who he was very close to. Chester had a job as a children's party performer, using various costumes including a clown, deer, rabbit, and jester and was good with children. However, a man named Stan Hinkle and the local high school coach, Phil Evans accused Chester of molesting their children. They approached Rita with their suspicions, but couldn't go to the police due to a lack of evidence. At first Rita refused to believe it, but grew worried due to Chester's close bond with Max and how he was with children. Afraid Chester was molesting Max who insists he was innocent, Rita told Stan and Phil where to find Chester, so they could scare him into stopping.

Chester confronted by Phil and Stan.

While wearing his deer costume, Chester was abducted by Stan and Phil and dangled head-first off a bridge. The two men confronted Chester about his supposed molestations, but Chester frantically proclaimed his innocence, telling them he simply loved kids but they didn't believe him. Terrified of his situation, Chester squirmed around in their grip and they accidentally dropped Chester off the bridge into a river below, killing him.

Afraid of going to jail, the men and Rita covered it up, claiming Chester had committed suicide with Rita not wanting her son to lose her as well as Chester and his father. After his death, Chester's body was cremated and despite Max's objections, Rita donated his costumes to various places.

A couple of months after his death, Chester returned as a vengeful spirit, seeking revenge upon those who were responsible for his death. After a young college student named Mike Hooks bought Chester's bunny head, Chester used it to possess him and send him after Stan Hinkle. In Mike's body, Chester smashed a beer bottle over Stan's face and then stabbed him repeatedly with the broken bottle, eventually stabbing Stan in the neck, killing him. He ignored Stan's wife and left before being confronted by the police. After fighting off several officers, Chester was arrested for Stan's murder and brought to the police station where, after the mask couldn't be removed, Sheriff Donna Hanscum, recognized something supernatural at work and called in Sam and Dean Winchester for help. The two attempted to question Chester who refused to say a word and attacked Dean before being pried off of him. In the process, Mike's "Kylie Forever" tattoo and Minnesota Tech T-shirt were exposed, allowing the Winchesters to track down Kylie who identified Mike and explained his change in behavior after he put the bunny mask on. At the same time, Chester attacked Donna and Deputy Doug Stover, forcing Doug to shoot Mike, killing him. Chester then left Mike's body, allowing the bunny mask to come off. Believing the mask to be a cursed object, the Winchesters and Donna burned it and believed they put an end to the threat.

However, that night Chester possessed a girl named Michelle who put on his old jester costume which was now the new high school mascot outfit. Chester attacked Phil, seriously injuring him, but was stopped by Brock Buckner who restrained Chester despite Chester being as strong as him. Learning of the cold spots in the weight room at the time of Chester's attack, the Winchesters realize they are dealing with a ghost and free Michelle by shooting her with rock salt. After learning of Rita donating the costume, they are able to identify Chester as the ghost and send Donna and Doug to find and burn all of Chester's costumes.

At the same time, an old man named Steve Buress plays dress-up with his grandson and puts on Chester's old clown costume. Possessing Steve, Chester travels to the hospital where he uses a scalpel to slit Phil's throat, killing him. Entering an elevator, Chester encounters Sam who realizes what's going on due to Chester's bloody scalpel and knocks it from his hand. As Chester attempts to strangle him to death, Sam presses an iron railroad spike to Steve's neck, ejecting Chester.

After learning from Stan's wife Fran about the molestation allegations, the Winchesters approached Rita who told them the truth. By this point Donna and Doug had tracked down all of Chester's old costumes and burned them, but Max still had the deer head from the costume Chester died in and put it on while his mother and the Winchesters talked, allowing Chester to possess him. Possessing his nephew, Chester attacks the Winchesters and Rita but Dean expels him by touching the railroad spike to Max's back. As Sam goes to burn the deer's head, Chester's ghost manifests without possessing people and flings Sam into the trunk of the Impala, stunning him for a moment. Chester then returns to the house where he attacks Dean who protects Rita and Max with a salt circle. Max desperately calls to Chester to stop, but after staring at Max for a moment, Chester goes after Dean again, strangling him. Before Chester can kill Dean, Sam burns the deer's head and Chester bursts into flames. Growling in pain, Chester burns to nothing as his horrified sister and nephew watch.

Powers and Abilities[]

Chester was a new ghost but due to his desire for revenge, was mildly powerful.

  • Ghost Possession - Chester could possess anyone wearing one of the costumes he used in life to the point that the mask of the costume couldn't be removed.
  • Super Strength - Chester was superhumanly strong, able to throw Dean around with ease in his ghostly form and enhancing the strength of the people he was possessing to the point that it took multiple cops to take one victim down. A high school quarterback who was quite strong stated that the possessed victim he fought was as strong as him. While possessing his young nephew, Chester was able to throw the Winchesters around with ease and strangle his sister.
  • Thermokinesis - Chester's presence caused the temperature to drop in the weight room when he attacked Phil Evans.
  • Telekinesis - Chester was able to fly Dean around a room just by looking at him.
  • Flight - Chester could fly in his spirit form, flying off after being expelled from the people he possessed.
  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Chester is naturally invisible. Chester's ghost only became visible at first after being expelled from his possessed victims, but only then as an indistinct brown cloud. He later appeared visually to stop Sam from burning his deer's head mask after being expelled from Max and having no one else to possess.
  • Immunity - Chester had a limited immunity to iron as he was able to return moments after iron was used to expel him from the body of his nephew Max.


  • Salt - Like all ghosts, Chester was vulnerable to salt. He couldn't cross it and a rock salt round to the chest of someone possessed by him would force him from their body.
  • Iron - Like all ghosts, Chester was vulnerable to iron. Touching iron to someone possessed by him forced him from their body. However, he had a limited immunity to it as he was able to return quickly after being forced from his nephew's body, quicker than most ghosts.
  • Salting and Burning His Costume Masks - As he was tied to the masks of his costumes, salting and burning them was the only way to put him to rest.



  • Adrian Glynn McMorran, the actor who portrays Chester, previously portrayed the angel Inias in season 7 episode Reading Is Fundamental.
  • Unlike other ghosts which commonly tied with one thing (like an object, body remains, etc.), he tied to several objects (his costumes) in one time, allowing him to possess the user. However, it's unknown what happened if all of the costumes were donned within the same time.
  • Unlike other ghosts, Chester seemed completely mindless and driven simply by his desire for revenge. Chester acted completely animal-like, only growling and never speaking as well as attacking when cornered. He also showed no recognition of his nephew who he was stated to be very close to in life. Though it's possible he does recognize his nephew, but upon seeing his sister he recalled her betrayal and resume his vengeful attack. In his attacks, Chester seemed to only focus on those he was targeting for revenge, merely fighting anyone else who got in his way with generally no intent to kill or harm them once they were no longer a threat.
  • Whether or not Chester was actually a child molester is unclear. Along with Stan and Phil, Stan's wife Fran believed so, but his nephew Max was aware of the allegations and insisted he was innocent. Chester insisted he was as well, saying he loves kids and would never hurt them. However, Rita also states that Chester only gets along with children and does not get along with adults, hence his job as a children's party performer.
    • During the time of his death, he stated that he never hurt anyone's kids but its unknown if there was any truth to that statment.
  • Dean exorcising Chester from Michelle with rock salt rounds was similar to Sam exorcising Dirk MacGregor, Jr. from a girl he possessed by putting salt down her throat in After School Special. Like Dirk, Chester didn't manifest as himself for most of the episode, generally appearing by possessing people and then in an indistinct form once he was expelled. Unlike Dirk however, Chester eventually did appear in ghostly form rather than just an indistinct black cloud. Also, the trick of using iron to expel Chester was similar to what happened to Bobby Singer in Survival of the Fittest when he was possessing a maid and expelled himself by touching iron.
  • When Chester's ghost manifested, he took on the form of Chester wearing a darker colored version of the deer costume he died in.