Cheryl Kellinger was the mother of Lucas Kellinger.


In 2004, while living in St. Paul, Minnesota, Cheryl's son Lucas was murdered by ghost Hugo Moriarty. Cheryl had only been gone a minute and when she returned, Lucas was dead with his heart frozen. Cheryl was devastated, unable to understand what could've happened to her son since she'd just checked on him and she eventually moved away from the house.

Season 12Edit

In 2016, Mary Winchester tracked down and contacted Cheryl after meeting Lucas' ghost. Cheryl's story confirmed Mary's suspicion that Lucas was not a myling and the killer of a couple named Natalia and Dave. Cheryl found it good to talk about her son again and told Mary it was nice to have a phone conversation again since no one seemed to do it anymore. Mary, recently resurrected after thirty-three years and struggling to adapt, was able to relate.


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