What human myth have mistaken for "cupid," is actually a lower order of angel. Technically it's a cherub, third-class [...] They're all over the world. There are dozens of them.
Castiel, discussing Cherubs
in My Bloody Valentine

Cherubs, also called Cupids by humans, are a type of angel that seem to be at the very bottom of Heaven's hierarchy. They are tasked with pairing important bloodlines together by means, as it is their chore.


Though not seen tussling, they possess an amazing skill over manipulating emotions, which inarguably no other angel type possesses. One is featured in My Bloody Valentine. Within the episode, Castiel thought that a cupid was the one making people kill each other for love. He appears as a naked man in the series. Their "handshake" is hugging someone very tightly and apparently, nobody likes it, as stated by Castiel.

They are under the service of Heaven, particularly serving Michael. In their occupation, they are responsible for manipulating affection in certain, special bloodlines like with Dean and Sam Winchester. There are hundreds of them stationed on Earth, according to Castiel.

Strangely for Angels, they're incredibly emotional creatures, openly cheerful, optimistic, and easily saddened. One displayed a great deal of rage at the expulsion of angels from Heaven and wanted revenge against Metatron and Castiel for it.

The Cupids' bow is one of the ingredients for the spell to banish all angels from Heaven.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a type of low-tier angel, the posses a significant amount of power, but nothing compared to the power of higher angels. They have been shown to stand a chance against regular angel in a fight, but not against archangels, even one with low grace.
SPN 1091

Cupid's Bow


The mark of a Cherub, left on a human heart.

  • Invisibility - Cherubs can turn themselves invisible to the physical realm, however other angels and demons can still see them.
  • Immortality - Cherubim can live forever, but can be killed with an angel blade.
  • Invulnerability - When punched in the face by Dean, the Cherub only showed a momentary discomfort - hurt more emotionally than physically - while Dean was wincing from the recoil, showing a greater physical endurance.
  • Possession - Cherubim require vessels to manifest safely on Earth and must bear their permission to do so.
  • Pathokinesis - Cherubim can cause people to fall in love with each other. With it, they can manipulate affection in humans, and cause selected people to fall in love with each other. They use their bows to catalyze the affection amongst humans.
  • Super strength - Although a relatively weak type of angel, Cherubs possess great strength. One was able to squeeze Dean tight and lift him off his feet. The same one squeezed an occupied vessel, causing the angel inside some discomfort. Another one was able to overpower Castiel, albeit after catching him by surprise and he wasn't close to at full power due to his diminishing stolen grace.
  • Supernatural Perception - Cherubim can perceive other angels.

Former PowersEdit

  • Teleportation - Cherubs were able to instantly teleport any where that wasn't sigil-guarded.


  • Higher Angels - Being of higher order, Castiel was able to telekinetically subdue a cherub. Archangels, even weakened ones, such as Lucifer, was able to effortlessly kill a cherub.
  • Angel Blade - Angel Blades can harm and kill a cherub.

Known CupidsEdit



  • In lore, their true form is made up of a human stature, the face of an eagle, ox, lion, and a human, feet of a calf, and four wings. Whether they're like this in or not is unknown.