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Not the slickest hook-up line, Captain Charm.
— Apocalypse World Charlie

Charlie Bradbury is a human that exists in the Apocalypse World that Jack Kline opened. She is an alternate reality version of Charlie Bradbury.


Season 13[]

Bring 'em Back Alive 15

Charlie captured by angels

Charlie was captured by angels who would smite some members of the human resistance on a bridge. As she was about to be submitted to the same fate, the angel commander halted her execution having recognized her as one of the higher ups. Charlie is taken into custody by the angels for questioning, as Dean Winchester and Arthur Ketch witness this act.

At an angel camp, Charlie is beaten by angels and remains ever defiant towards their torture by not talking except to insult. Annoyed, the angel commander gives the order for her to be executed.

Charlie is taken out to the middle of the camp where she was to be executed by decapitation. However, the camp is attacked by Dean and Arthur who kill the guards and free Charlie from her binds. She questions who they are but is told by them to run which she complies.

Bring 'em Back Alive 17

Charlie travels with Dean and Arthur

After getting a safe distance from the camp, Charlie talks with Dean learning he and Arthur are from another world which is not a war zone and that another version of herself was there but she was dismayed to hear she was dead. She is told of the close bond that Dean had with her counterpart and was pleased to learn that she preferred females, stating she likes how she sounded.

Charlie is then asked about Jack Kline and Mary Winchester who she was shocked to hear is Dean's mother. Charlie tells him of how she last heard of them fighting in Dayton, Ohio before she questions if he is telling the truth and he shows her the Rift, which confirms his words, to her amazement.

As the rift is closing, Arthur and Charlie both tell Dean to return to his world, though he wants Charlie to accompany him. She declines his offer as she wants to defend her world and tells him to come back with a way to defeat Michael as Dean voices he can't lose her again.

Bring 'em Back Alive 16

Charlie and Arthur hold off the angels

Though touched by his words, Charlie tells him it wasn't really his call. Seeing her resolve, Dean then tosses her his gun loaded with angel killing bullets as angels led by the Angel Commander appear. Charlie and Arthur then hold them off, as Dean returns to the other world and the rift closes behind him.

When Dean returned to his world, he informed Sam about Charlie as he was surprised she was in that world.

AU Castiel about to torture AU Charlie

Charlie about to be tortured by Castiel

In Exodus, Charlie goes on a mission to ambush an angel death squad and has Arthur join her. However, it proves to be a trap and the angels take Charlie captive and force Arthur to surrender his weapon. The angels torture Arthur and Charlie for information, but Arthur refuses to break and taunts the angels. The angels then bring in an expert torturer: the alternate Castiel who taunts Charlie before he administers the torture. However, Dean, Sam Winchester, Mary, Jack and Castiel arrive to rescue them. Released from her shackles, Charlie is helped by Sam who hugs her to Charlie's confusion. Remembering she's not his world's Charlie, Sam apologizes as she taps him on the arm, as gratitude for the rescue and returns to camp with them.

Charlie joins the exodus back through the rift to the bunker, she tells the brothers she'd see them on the other side. Arriving in the other world, she is relieved and amazed by the differences.

Arthur Ketch shares a drink with Charlie

Arthur Ketch shares a drink with Charlie during the celebration that follows

During the celebration that follows, Charlie shares a drink with Arthur and Rowena MacLeod.

Exodus 19

Charlie with Rowena MacLeod.

In Let the Good Times Roll, Bobby and Mary mention that Charlie went onto travel with Rowena MacLeod presumably after she was taught to adjust to the main earth. Bobby and Mary remarked that the duo sounded like trouble.

Season 14[]

Optimism 09

Charlie on a case with Sam

In Optimism, Charlie contacts Sam for help on a case. She tells him of the mysterious findings such as goo and people disappearing, which clarifies it as a supernatural creature.

As they scope out the area, Charlie tells Sam that this was going to be her last case and she plans to retire from hunting to live a peaceful life. Sam tries to persuade her other but this does not change her thoughts as she wants a chance to enjoy the new world. Charlie tells Sam on her lost love who was killed in the apocalypse of her world and she wants a fresh start in the new one. As they converse, the pair spot a cloaked figure taking a man away. Doing research, the pair deduce it is a Musca and that the creature is a rogue trying to make its own nest. Following the creature, they follow it to a building where several people are found dead. They spot the man they saw kidnapped and see he is alive. The two are confronted by the musca and fight breaks out. Lacking the way to kill it, Sam instead improvises and shoots the monster dead. With the case over, they bring the kidnapped man to a hospital and drive off. Sam talks with Charlie and remarks on how the monster being lonely and what might happen to her if she leaves the life. Though annoyed he compared her to a fly monster, she relents in her decision since it might be better to continue hunting.

During Absence, Sam contacts Charlie in order to find Jack Kline and his mother, however Charlie dosen't know about their location.

Season 15[]

In Despair, Charlie is cleaning guns at the table much to the annoyance of Stevie, her girlfriend. Charlie suggests taking on a hideout of shapeshifters together as a date. Charlie enjoys the eggs Stevie made before Stevie suddenly vanishes into thin air to Charlie's confusion.

Later, Sam sweeps the apartment for EMF while Charlie explains to Dean that they met a few months before when Bobby sent Charlie to back Stevie up on a djinn case. Though Bobby thought that Stevie might need her help, she didn't and Sam silently signals to Dean that he hasn't found anything. The two then hit it off and Charlie didn't know who else to call when Stevie disappeared. Charlie questions why it was Stevie and not her and Sam asks Charlie to tell them everything that she saw in the hopes of figuring it out. However, Charlie saw, heard and felt nothing when it happened.

Sam and Dean become worried when Charlie states that Stevie vanished in a split second. The Winchesters explain that they have made some big enemies lately, including "the Death." As a result, Billie wants to send everyone from other worlds back to their own universes which don't exist anymore. Charlie realizes that it means that Billie is killing everyone and while Dean admits that they don't know for sure, it does fit the pattern. Charlie is upset that after swearing never to fall in love again, she does and then loses Stevie too. Charlie asks if Stevie is just collateral damage to them and if she will end up being that too before they are interrupted by a call from Bobby. Sam reveals that Bobby had been on a hunt with another Apocalypse World refugee, Greg, before Greg vanished too and Charlie realizes that its spreading. Sam confirms it and Dean states that no one is safe: people from other worlds or who have been resurrected are all on Billie's list. Sam realizes that Eileen Leahy is in danger and Charlie tells them to go.

Later, Charlie arrives at the silo where Sam is gathering those on Billie's list to protect them. Charlie tells Sam that she came because she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else and heads inside. As Sam and Bobby talk, Charlie is in the background talking with the other refugees. After Sam performs the spell, Charlie wonders what to do next and Sam states that they will wait. Suddenly, a little girl vanishes into thin air and as everyone panics, Sam realizes that its not working. Everyone begins vanishing and a panicked Charlie asks Sam what they can do before vanishing as well followed by Bobby and Donna.

In Inherit the Earth, she was brought back by Jack after he becomes the new God, along with the rest of Earth.


Charlie is shown to be a more serious and hardened person compared to her counterpart who was nervous and joked about. This was seen when she remained defiant even after suffering a beating from angels while held captive. However, when faced with execution by the Executioner Angel and torture by the alternate Castiel, her scared reaction was identical to the Main Universe Charlie. Most of her behavior stems from losing her true love, this left her sad and she settled into being a hunter. Despite being more serious and hardened, she retained her counterpart's humor and many of her mannerisms with her more serious side coming out when in danger or combat.

After being saved by Dean, she was surprised to hear from him that there were other worlds which were better than her own. She was also satisfied to hear about her counterpart's preferences, though was surprised to hear that she was dead. While she was interested in these things, she gave off a skeptical air but this changed after she saw the rift that caused her to believe everything.

When Dean offered her a chance to get away from the chaos of her world, she refused as her friends were there and she needed to help them. Like her counterpart, she made a friend out of Dean as shown when she was touched at him trying to save her and putting faith in him to stop Michael. This later extended to Sam who freed and hugged her, though she was confused by this gesture but she was grateful for the rescue. She had friendly banter with the brothers after she evacuated to their world.

This Charlie is known to be an effective leader. By the time Dean met her, she had risen to be one of the resistance's inner circle as noted by the Prison Camp Commander. Bobby Singer trusted Charlie to lead a mission against an angel death squad while even Arthur Ketch was happy to follow her lead.

Unlike her Main Universe counterpart, this version of Charlie got along well with Rowena MacLeod. While the Main Universe Charlie often bickered with and got frustrated with Rowena, this Charlie shared a drink with her at the party in Exodus and they even embarked upon a roadtrip together, something that Bobby and Mary Winchester joked was trouble.

Since settling on a new world, she saw it as a chance to escape her war riddled past and thought of leaving her hunter lifestyle. This was seen when she wanted to retire to a solitary life after one last case, though after she faced a monster that was lonely without its loved ones she changed her perspective.