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Charlie was a witch and an old friend of Jay and Vernon.


Season 4[]

Charlie was an old witch who once shilled for P. T. Barnum, who gifted him with a grimoire, a book of spells, with which he achieved immortality. During his lifetime, he met Jay and Vernon and became good friends with them. So Charlie didn't tell Jay and Vernon about the fact that he was immortal and grew old with them. He became best friends with Jay.

Young Charlie

Even in old age, Charlie still continued to help Jay out, until he found out that Jay was going to commit suicide on stage. That was when he used his magic to force Jay's death onto someone else using tarot cards, notably the ten of swords and the hanged man. He eventually used the magic on himself and returned to when he was 28 years old.

He told Jay about the magic and how people dying for Jay was a gift. He even offered Jay and Vernon immortality.

Charlie dies holding 'The Magician'.

Vernon wanted to take him up on his offer but Jay turned it down. Sam and Dean came in to stop him, but Charlie dealt with them quickly. He met his end when Jay slipped one of Charlie's own cards into Charlie's jacket and stabbed himself. He was shocked that Jay picked Sam and Dean over him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Charlie was a powerful witch.

  • Magic - As a witch, Charlie could perform magic.
    • Immortality - Using a spell excerpted from a grimoire, he was able to live forever and rejuvenate himself when he got too old.
    • Telekinesis - Able to move objects with his mind, he used this when threatened.
    • Spell casting - Mainly using Tarot cards, he was able to cast powerful spells, such as transferring Jay's death to another.
    • Teleportation - He was able to move distances in the blink of an eye.
    • Reality Warping - Through magic Charlie could warp reality to an extent, for instance when Sam shot him, he made it so he caught the bullet in his teeth, despite Sam aiming for his chest.


  • Magic - Despite being noted for using real magic, Charlie was still susceptible to the effects of magic. He was killed by his own Death Transference Spell.


  • Grimoire - Charlie was gifted with a grimoire - a book of real magic - which he thought it was a scam, until trying its spells and they all work, including one that guaranteed him immortality.