Charlie's knife is a large triangular blade obtained by Charlie Bradbury in Oz.


At some point while fighting in Oz, Charlie Bradbury obtained this knife.

While hunting for her parents' killer, Dark Charlie was armed with this knife, taunting the Winchesters with it while holding one of her targets hostage. After determining that Russell Wellington was the man she was looking for, Dark Charlie offered her knife to Dean Winchester as proof that she just wanted to talk with the man. However, giving up her knife didn't stop Dark Charlie from killing Russell with a letter opener.

When confronted by Eldon Frankenstein, Charlie bravely drew her knife to defend herself against Eldon. However, she lost the fight and was stabbed to death by Eldon.

It is unknown what happened to the knife after Charlie's murder.



  • This may be the weapon Eldon used to stab Charlie to death. This is unconfirmed however.
  • As it came from Oz, it can be use to kill creatures from there, likewhise any other kind of fairies.
  • The knife looks like the Zanna-killing Knife.
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