These three unnamed humans were turned into Rabids during the Rabid Infection of Superior, Nebraska.


At some point during the Rabid Infection of Superior, Nebraska, these three people were turned into Rabids. Each of their infections progressed far, to the point that the distinctive Rabid veins were all the way up their faces.

After discovering that holy fire could be used to cure the Rabid infection, hunter Sam Winchester set up a boom box in the chapel of Nuckolls County Medical Center to draw in some Rabids. The music lured these three were to the chapel where they knocked over the chair holding the boom box and advanced on Sam. Before they could reach him, Sam ignited a circle of holy oil around them. The three fell to the ground, writhing in pain as the holy fire burned away their infections.

When the three regained their senses, they were cured of their Rabid infection and human again. One thanked Sam for saving them and Sam employed the three to aid him in saving the rest of the people of Superior, Nebraska. Together, they managed to cure everyone who was still living and saved what was left of the town.


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