This unnamed student was Channing Ngo's friend and roommate.

Background[edit | edit source]

This girl is present in the room and using her laptop when Channing is visited by Sam and Dean Winchester, who are searching for Channing's boyfriend Kevin Tran.

Channing explains that Kevin has been gone for a year, after declaring he had a mission from God. Channing calls it crazy, while her friend interjects that her friend Adam, who got addicted to Adderall but got a perfect on his SATs, said the same thing. Channing however, tells her to shut up.

Channing convinces the brothers she is not protecting Kevin because she no longer cares about him since he dropped out of Princeton. Her friend agrees.

Once the brothers have left, this girl asks Channing if she's ready to forget Kevin, whose name she can't recall. Apparently on a dating website, she tries to introduce Channing to a Jewish guy named Kyle.

Channing however, turns around with a bowl and a dagger in her hand, and tells her to shut up again, this time, she reveals black eyes—Channing is possessed by a demon. The demon walks over to the girl and kills her by slitting her throat, and collects her blood in a bowl so it can contact Crowley.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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