This unnamed demon took possession of Channing Ngo.


In an attempt to locate the prophet Kevin Tran, who had recently escaped captivity, Crowley ordered this demon to possess Kevin's girlfriend Channing in case he returned to her.

While Kevin refused to show up, the Winchester brothers came to speak to Channing to ask about Kevin. "Channing" claimed to have broken up with Kevin and didn't know where he was. Once the brothers had left, the demon slit the throat of Channing's roommate and used the blood to contact Crowley, to inform him that Dean Winchester had returned.

Crowley eventually tracked down the Winchesters and Kevin and revealed Channing's possession by the demon. Kevin agreed to return to Crowley if he let Channing go. Crowley was delighted by the news and even ordered this demon to briefly release Channing from control, so she could speak with Kevin and prove she was still alive.

However, Kevin had lied and instead drenched the two demons in holy water before making an escape with Sam and Dean. As the two demons watched the trio flee, Crowley ordered this demon to find a new meatsuit while he killed Channing, as witnessed by Kevin.


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