You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

These two unnamed men were resurrected as zombies by the demon Samhain as part of his plan to create mayhem.


At some unknown point in time these two men died and were entombed in the same cemetery. After the demon Samhain was raised he preceded to go on a rampage. Samhain entered a mausoleum in a cemetery and released ghosts and zombies to kill the students of his vessel who were having a party at the cemetery. These zombies were among the monsters raised by Samhain. These zombies only killed Justin while the rest of the students were rescued by the Winchesters. While Dean Winchester dealt with Samhain's monster minions, Sam Winchester faced him armed with the Demon-killing knife. These two zombies were killed by Dean Winchester when he staked both of them with silver stakes. Samhain was later exorcised by Sam Winchester.


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