This unnamed vampire was one of Celia's "sons", and a "brother" to Annie Jones.

Overview Edit

This vampire and his brothers go on a hunt for Alex when they discover that she has run away. They trace her to Sioux Falls, South Dakota through a bus ticket and proceed to beat up Deputy Frank for Alex's whereabouts.

Frank tells them that Sheriff Jody Mills has Alex in a cabin. This vampire and his brothers find Alex there and manage to take her back to their nest.

Sam, Dean, and Jody then attempt to rescue Alex. This vampire knocked out Dean and Sam was held at gunpoint by Connor. Jody was captured by Celia. While Celia watched Jody and Alex this vampire and Connor watched the Winchesters.

They started to drain Sam of his blood and this vampire then attempted to drain Dean but Dean regained consciousness and injected him with dead man's blood which incapacitates him. Dean then fights Connor and kills him. Dean then frees Sam and then Dean kills this vampire. They then go to save Jody and Alex.

Celia is killed by Jody with Alex's help. Celia attempted to turn Alex into a vampire but as Alex hadn't drank any human blood yet, Sam and Dean are able to cure her and Jody helps her through the ordeal.

Nearly two years after his death, he appears in a flashback with the rest of his family when Richard Beesome explains how Alex lured him home and fed him to her nest who drained Richard and turned him into a vampire.

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