Celia's Family was a family of vampires created by Celia.

History[edit | edit source]

At an unknown point in the past, the vampire Celia created the family by turning four young men. She also had a daughter named Alex who died of an unknown cause. To replace Alex, Celia kidnapped an eight-year-old girl named Annie Jones in 2006 and renamed her Alex.

For the next eight years, Alex helped the family hunt by luring men to their nest in O'Neill, Nebraska. In 2013, one such victim was Richard Beesome who took pity on Alex and gave her a ride home. The rest of the family descended on Richard and drank him alive, but for an unknown reason turned Richard into a vampire rather than killing him. As a result of his new bloodlust, Richard slaughtered his family and desired revenge against Alex for her role in the family's attack on him.

In 2014, Alex's guilt over her actions eventually got the best of her and she fled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. However, after eight years with Alex, the rest of the family had Alex's scent down cold and Cody tracked her to the Sioux Falls police station. As Cody menaced Alex, he was killed by local sheriff Jody Mills who was a burgeoning hunter. Jody contacted hunters Sam and Dean Winchester and used a DNA test to determine Alex's true identity. The Winchesters were able to use Alex's bus ticket to determine that the vampire nest was likely in O'Neill and located it where Dale was getting rid of the body of the bus station employee who had helped Alex flee town and had told them where she had gone. Dale was interrogated by the Winchesters and told them of Alex's history with the family and where everyone else had gone before Dean killed him. The rest of the family assaulted Jody's cabin after getting its location from her deputy Frank and kidnapped Alex back while leaving Jody unconscious.

After getting Alex back and the deaths of Cody and Dale, Celia chose to turn Alex into a vampire herself before the Winchesters and Jody raided the nest. Connor and Celia's other son captured the Winchesters and began attempting to manually drain Sam of blood while Jody was captured by Celia. Jody eventually realized that Celia was trying to replace her dead daughter Alex with the girl she had kidnapped due to her own experiences in losing her family members. Ultimately, rather than allow Celia to kill Jody, Alex injected her "mother" with dead man's blood, allowing Jody to free herself and kill Celia. At the same time, Dean fought back against the two remaining vampires and killed them with the help of a strength boost from the Mark of Cain. As Alex had not yet fed, the Winchesters were able to use Celia's blood to cure her and Alex was adopted by Jody.

In 2016, Richard Beesome sought revenge upon Alex for what she and the family did to him. The Winchesters initially speculated that Richard was somehow a part of the family before they learned the truth about him. Despite Richard and Henry's best efforts, they were killed by Dean and Claire Novak. Afterwards, Sam suggested that other vampires might come after Alex for what she and Celia's family had done to them.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

  • Celia (deceased) - Matriarch of the family. Created the rest of the family including her daughter Alex who died of unknown causes at some point. After Alex's death, Celia kidnapped Annie Jones as a little girl and renamed her "Alex" to replace her deceased daughter. After the guilt of what she was doing got the best of Alex, she ran away, drawing the attention of hunters to the family. Celia turned Alex into a vampire after recapturing her, but Alex turned on Celia after she tried to kill Jody Mills. Celia was killed by Jody Mills after Alex injected her with dead man's blood.
  • Alex (deceased) - Daughter of Celia. Alex died of an unknown cause and Celia kidnapped Annie Jones to replace her.
  • Cody (deceased) - One of Celia's "sons". Chased Alex to Sioux Falls where he was killed by Jody Mills with a fire axe.
  • Dale (deceased) - One of Celia's "sons". After being left behind in O'Neill, Nebraska, he was discovered by the Winchesters, interrogated and then decapitated by Dean.
  • Connor (deceased) - One of Celia's "sons". After he and his brother started to drain Sam of his blood, Dean fought back and overpowered Connor with the help of the Mark of Cain before decapitating him.
  • Celia's Son (deceased) - One of Celia's "sons". After he and Connor started draining Sam of blood, Dean injected him in the heart with dead man's blood and later killed him.
  • Annie "Alex" Jones (unwillingly, formerly) - A teenager who was kidnapped by the family as a young girl to replace Celia's dead daughter Alex and renamed after her. As a result, Alex was left human and helped lure in victims for the rest of the family to dine on. When the hunting got too lean, the family would feed on Alex. After eight years with the family, Alex's conscience got the better of her and she ran away to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where she drew the attention of hunters Jody Mills and Sam and Dean Winchester. Despite being kidnapped by the family once more and turned into a vampire, Alex helped the hunters by injecting Celia with dead man's blood, allowing Jody to kill her. After the death of the rest of the family, Alex was cured by the Winchesters and adopted by Jody.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Hunters - As vampires, the family was enemies with all hunters.
  • Jody Mills - A sheriff and burgeoning hunter who learned of the family and took interest after she killed Cody in the Sioux Falls police station. Brought in the Winchesters, killed Celia and adopted Alex.
  • Sam and Dean Winchester - Hunters who learned of the family from Jody Mills. Actively hunted the family down after learning of their existence and killed Dale, Connor and the unnamed brother.
  • Richard Beesome (deceased) - A victim of the family that they drank alive and then turned into a vampire for an unknown reason. Wanted revenge upon the family and Alex in particular for their attack and for how his bloodlust caused him to slaughter his own family. Killed by Dean while trying to get his revenge.
  • Annie "Alex" Jones - While a reluctant member of the family, her rebellion in running away brought the Winchesters and Jody Mills down upon them. Actively helped Jody against Celia's family by injecting Celia with dead man's blood to save Jody's life, allowing Jody to kill Celia.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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