Cecily was a demon that worked in Waldroff Financial and the NSA.


Season 9Edit

Cecily was sent by Crowley to gather intelligence on different events and people. She was resourceful enough to be able to listen to 'angel radio' by tuning one of the satellites to pick up the communication of the angels. She claimed to have sent huge amount of information to Hell on a weekly basis, but was disappointed that her efforts went unnoticed.

She was approached by Crowley in his hunt for Sam and the angel Gadreel. Cecily helped Crowley but told him she was playing both sides, waiting on who will emerge victorious over Crowley and Abaddon's rivalry.

Although she helped Crowley, she also later contacted Abaddon, who, while happy with the information, was not amused when she found out Cecily was working both sides as Cecily told her so accidentally, foolishly asking Abaddon if she was smart. The displeased Knight of Hell answered her with an angel blade [1] plunging inside her stomach as she sat on her chair.



  • Cecily was named after Jeremy Carver's assistant, Cecily Schaefer.


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