Cathryn Humphris
I was on Supernatural for a total of four years, and so at that point, people would have known me as a genre writer. Which is funny, because I'm not someone who is particularly a big genre fan; I would consider myself more of a character writer. But there are genre shows that I love because they're fancy packages for telling great character stories. So, I'm always the person where, in my writers' room, they're talking Star Wars or Blade Runner, or the complicated mythology of some show, and I'm like, "What are you guys talking about again?" I just wasn't into that world. But the great thing about having that background is that genre shows will always want to hire you.
— Cathryn Humphris [1]

Cathryn Humphris was a writer and story editor for Supernatural. After Season 4, Humphris departed to work as a story editor for Mad Men and later became a producer for Elementary.


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