Catfish was a vampire and a member of Starr's nest.

History Edit

At some unknown point in time Catfish became a vampire and a member of Starr's nest. Len Cuse was the leader of their nest before Len eventually developed a conscience and left his nest, becoming the sheriff of Hibbing. For an unknown period of time Starr and her nest tracked Len down to make him rejoin the nest. Catfish adopted Len's philosophy of using every part of the humans they kill, and to not just drink their blood. Catfish's nest consisted of three members: Starr, himself, and an unnamed male.

After spotting Len's photo in a newspaper, Starr and her nest tracked Len down to Hibbing, Minnesota, and began feeding on various people there. This attracted the attention of Jody Mills, who realized the attacks weren't by animals, and she called Sam and Dean Winchester for assistance.

The group initially suspected Len was the culprit, but after stalking him to a barn, they were attacked by Starr and her nest, who then tied them up, and ordered Len to kill all of them, so he could rejoin their nest. Len refused, and was decapitated by Starr.

Before Starr could harm her captives, Dean broke free and grabbed the machete Starr had dropped after killing Len. Dean then killed Catfish and the other vampire. Starr went after him only to be knocked to the ground by Jody. Starr turned on Jody in a rage for interrupting. Before Starr could kill Jody, Donna Hanscum broke free and decapitated Starr with another machete, killing her.

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