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These four unnamed demons served the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.


After Castiel and Lucifer broke free of their prison cells, these four demons appeared behind them armed with angel blades to stop their escape. Upon seeing them, Lucifer commented "good times" before the two angels took them on, fighting side-by-side. Castiel and Lucifer ultimately killed the four demons, leaving both with bloodied angel blades afterwards despite Castiel being unarmed prior to the fight.

Due to his weakened state, the fight with the demons left Lucifer exhausted. While Lucifer tried to regain his strength outside Crowley's old lair, Castiel warned that more demons would be coming.

Powers and Abilities[]

They appeared to be regular low-level demons with all the powers of ones.

  • Demonic Possession - As demons, they needed vessels to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As demons, they would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As demons they were invulnerable to normal methods of harm.


They possessed the regular weaknesses of a demon.