My name is Castiel. I am an Angel of the Lord
— Castiel
in Lebanon

Castiel was an Angel of the Lord from a split timeline in 2003.


Lebanon 20

Castiel and Zachariah appear on Earth.

This Castiel was created by a timeline where John Winchester was brought to the future. He appeared on Earth with Alternate Zachariah, who was angry about the fact that somebody's been messing with time.

They enter a restaurant and interrogate the locals and Zachariah threatens them for the truth. He has Castiel introduce himself and the latter displays his angel wings to empathize his threat. This scared the locals and caught the attention of Sam and Dean who rushed to the area and were shocked to see this Castiel.

However, this Castiel has no recollection of the Winchesters and attacks them on Zachariah's orders once he realized they were responsible for time's disruption. While Sam fights Zachariah, Castiel fights Dean who tries to fend him off but is overpower and Castiel beats him to a bloody pulp. Castiel tries to kill Dean by strangling him however, after killing Zachariah, Sam uses the sigil to send Castiel away. After history is corrected by John's return to the past, this Castiel ceases to exist.

Powers and Abilities

Being an angel, Castiel was a powerful supernatural creature that possessed a wide array of abilities.

  • Astral Projection - He was able to show his wings through his vessel accompanied with bright light.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Castiel managed to cause nearby lightbulbs to explode and send sparks flying.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant - He easily defeated Sam and Dean Winchester, two veteran hunters.
  • Chronokinesis - Being an angel, he was able to bend time and travel through it from the year 2003 to the 2010s.
  • Immortality - He could not die unless he was killed.
  • Invulnerability - He was unbothered by several attacks from Dean, including being bashed in the head.
  • Super Strength - He easily knocked around Sam and Dean with no visible effort.
  • Teleportation - He could teleport from Heaven onto Earth.




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