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Don't think that you are better than me. Well, we are the same.
— Castiel to the Main Universe Castiel
in Exodus

Castiel was an expert torturer for Heaven under Michael's command.

He was the Apocalypse World counterpart of Castiel.


During the Apocalypse, Castiel works as an expert torturer for Michael who excels at forcefully extracting information from his victims.

I've sent for an expert in these matters. No talking will be required. Good evening, Castiel! Welcome.
— One of Arthur and Charlie's Captors to Arthur Ketch and then Castiel
in Exodus

Castiel about to torture Charlie

After the capture of Arthur Ketch and Charlie Bradbury, Castiel is called in to torture information out of Charlie on the location of the resistance headquarters and the number of resistance fighters. Castiel begins inducing great mental pain in Charlie to begin extracting the information from her mind when the power suddenly goes out, interrupting the interrogation.

Castiel is killed by his Main Universe counterpart

As Mary, Sam, Dean and Jack attack, Castiel quickly flees outside where he attempts to escape in his vehicle. However, he is intercepted by the Main Universe Castiel who quickly overpowers his counterpart and pins him to the vehicle with an angel blade to his throat. Castiel is shocked but fascinated to realize that his counterpart is "more than one of us." However, Castiel is disgusted that his counterpart would align himself with the humans. Though the other Castiel tells him that he much prefers humans to angels, Castiel states that his counterpart isn't any better than him and they are the same. Agreeing with the sentiment, the Main Universe Castiel stabs the Apocalypse World Castiel in the abdomen with his angel blade, killing him.

Weeks later, after meeting the alternate reality counterpart of Kaia Nieves, Dean compares her to this Castiel and "new Bobby."

Months later, after being captured by Sam, Jack and Castiel, Michael complains that his Castiel "never would've been so anemic" like Michael feels the Main Universe Castiel is.

Powers and Abilities[]

Castiel was a regular angel with all the abilities of one.

  • Angelic Possession - Like all other angels, he required a vessel to walk the Earth and their permission to do so.
  • Immortality - As an angel, he would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, he was invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Mental Manipulation - Castiel possessed the ability to strip a human's mind of all of their knowledge and leave them completely mindless by pressing his hands to their heads. He could also use this to inflict great pain upon them until they broke.
  • Clairsentience - Castiel was able to sense that his Main Universe counterpart was "more than one of us" simply by looking at him.
  • Expert Torturer - Castiel was an expert torturer, used extensively by Michael to pull information from the minds of his enemies.


As a regular angel, Castiel possessed all the weaknesses of one.


We've been studying you. Pure steel. I haven't seen many like you. But... but you have to understand that everyone has a breaking point. A point of pain. Particular, primitive fear maybe. But it's a nerve so... raw that your will, grit - they cease to be factors. And then all your little secrets, they flow from your mind to mine... until your mind no longer exists.
— Castiel about to torture Charlie Bradbury
in Exodus

Unlike the Main Universe Castiel, this Castiel is completely loyal to Heaven and detests humans. He is highly sadistic and enjoys torture to the point that he is an expert at it. He gleefully informed Charlie Bradbury that he intended to torture her until she was left a shell of her former self.

When he speaks, it is with a dark and menacing tone and a German accent. When confronted with his Main Universe counterpart, Castiel was shocked to see that Castiel was "more than one of us" and disgusted with his choice of the humans over the angels. However, he felt that he and the Main Universe Castiel were still the same despite their differing choices.

He appears to be somewhat of a coward, attempting to flee the moment there is the sign of danger rather than joining his fellow angels in fighting back.

Physical Appearance[]

This version of Castiel has the same outward physical appearance as his Main Universe counterpart, having chosen Jimmy Novak as a vessel as well. While he also wears a suit and trenchcoat, both are darker than the Main Universe Castiel's. For an unknown reason, his left eye appears to be cloudy and possibly blind. His facial features are more scruffy than the Main Universe Castiel and he has a facial tic.



  • This Castiel speaks with a German accent and wears Adolf Hitler's hair style and dresses in darker clothing to signify his darker nature. His accent may be a reference to the Nazis since he is an expert torturer.
  • This Castiel is the only alternate reality counterpart of a main character seen in Apocalypse World. Furthermore, he is the only Apocalypse World counterpart of a living character who is physically seen.
  • This Castiel is the only alternate reality counterpart of a character who is killed by their Main Universe counterpart.
  • Due to his allegiance to Heaven during the Apocalypse and his lack of experiences with the Winchesters, this Castiel never rose above being a regular angel to become a Seraphim like his Main Universe counterpart did. This is best seen during the confrontation between the two Castiel's when this Castiel is easily overpowered by the Main Universe counterpart who he calls "more than one of us."
  • For an unknown reason, Castiel preferred to drive a vehicle like a human rather than teleport or fly like the other angels of Apocalypse World. When he arrives at the Gas-n-Sip, he is driving and he attempts to flee in his vehicle when the Winchesters, Jack and Castiel show up.
  • He appears to be blind in his left eye for an unknown reason. In close-up shots, his left eye is clearly cloudy as if its blind while his right eye is normal.
  • Unlike the other counterparts of angelic characters seen in Apocalypse World, he retains the same vessel and thus the same outward appearance as his Main Universe counterpart. The other angelic counterparts are shown to have chosen different vessels, particularly Zachariah.
  • He died outside of a Gas-n-Sip. The Main Universe Castiel worked at a Gas-n-Sip in Season 9's Heaven Can't Wait while briefly human.
  • Misha Collins revealed at the 2018 Jus In Bello convention that the reason why Alternate Castiel was acting the way he was is because he didn't get sent to hell to save Dean Winchester.
  • In Season 14's The Scar, Dean is shown to have nicknamed this Castiel "Bad Cass" similar to how Dean nicknamed his Castiel "Cass."
  • This is the second alternate version of Castiel, the others are the Castiel from The End and the Castiel from Lebanon.
    • This is the first version of Castiel to serve as an antagonist.

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