Castiel once owned and drove a truck. It was a 1987 or 1988 F-250. These trucks were made from 1987–1991, but in the Episode "Stuck in the Middle (With You)" it shows Castiel turning off his radio, and you can see that the climate control has 4 knobs instead of 3. This was only used in 1987 and 1988. The term "Owned" is a little strong.

After being banished by Lady Toni Bevell, Castiel crashed landed near a driver and his truck. Intent on returning to the Bunker, Castiel stunned the man and stole his truck which he has been using ever since.

Previously, Castiel had driven a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V, which was also stolen, though its whereabouts are unknown. Presumably Castiel was unable to recover the car since it was last seen in The Devil in the Details just before he spent months possessed by Lucifer. It is also unknown why the truck's owner has apparently not reported it stolen since Castiel has driven it for months without getting caught.

In The Future the truck breaks down so Castiel Googles "how to fix a truck." After Kelly Kline steals the Impala, Dean is able to repair the truck and he and Sam use it to reach Castiel. After stunning the Winchesters, Castiel drives off with Kelly in the truck.

In All Along the Watchtower, Castiel used this truck to transport Kelly Kline to a cabin where she intended to give birth to her son. He also brought in supplies using the truck.

In Lost & Found, the truck is abandoned outside of the cabin after Castiel's death and when the Winchesters leave to chase Jack.

Following Castiel's resurrection from the Empty, he did not retrieve the truck. In Season 14, he is seen driving other vehicles, in particular a second more modern truck.

In Absence, the truck appears in a flashback to a vampire hunt Mary and Castiel embarked upon together not long after Mary's resurrection.

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